Wireless LANs used to be considered a convenience, existing merely as an overlay to wired networks. However, in today’s age of mobile phones, iPads and laptops, continuous connectivity is imperative. Wireless-based devices and applications have now become the primary means for carrying out day-to-day business functions. While some functions are as basic as accessing email and the Internet, others are even more mission critical like medical record retrieval at the point-of-care, production line monitoring and mobile point of-sale kiosks.

Yet, in order for wireless to fully replace wired connectivity, it must become as mission critical as the many functions it supports. Continuous wireless connectivity is now a top priority for businesses. Capacity has replaced coverage as more devices become untethered.

During this on-demand event a combination of solutions and software are presented to detail how best to establish a next generation Wireless LAN. ITsavvy and Aerohive Networks share their first-hand insights to explain how implementation must be carefully planned and executed to ensure the desired performance level is achieved.

Learning Objectives

View this on-demand event to learn:

  • Top reasons why it’s important to get wireless right
  • Most common pitfalls to avoid when designing a wireless network
  • Factors that contribute to SSID pollution, and why they hurt performance
  • Significance of a controller
  • Why wireless is more about the software versus the hardware

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