Why ITsavvy?

Our renewal tracking dashboard leverages custom built technology to streamline your organization:

  • Track and manage inventory
  • Track and manage contracts
  • Avoid disruptions
  • Review all of your organization’s hardware and software renewals in a single view. Check your expiration dates, warranty details, and service levels across all of your manufacturers.


    ITsavvy renewal dashboard solution tracks and manages contracts in one easy-to-use-portal. Bring all of your contract information into one place to get high-level visibility for proactive management.


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    Don’t risk business disruptions. ITsavvy keeps your business running smoothly by helping you avoid the hassles of lapsed or expired licenses.


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    Why does my organization need a renewal tracking solution?

    ITsavvy’s renewal tracking dashboard helps optimize your licenses and subscriptions to minimize disruptions. Trust our renewal tracking dashboard to:

  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Protect your business from disruptions
  • Upgrade on Pocket Watch Face. Time Concept.

    Stop managing contracts and licenses from your email or in a spreadsheet. ITsavvy’s renewal dashboard will improve visibility and streamline the renewal management process, giving you a single source of information that minimizes hands-on work.


    ITsavvy offers lifecycle management as a value-add for all of our clients. Enjoy negotiated vendor rates and maximized asset utilization to save even more.


    Don’t miss your next renewal. Lapses can lead to fees and significant business losses.


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