ITsavvy’s State and Local Government Expertise

Government work at the state and local level is particularly thankless, but we know it’s incredibly important. You serve the needs of thousands of constituents and citizens, keeping your state and local municipality running smoothly.

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But government IT is particularly high-stakes.

You’re at heightened risk of cyber attacks and run the risk of compliance oversights. ITsavvy has decades of experience managing IT services for government agencies at the state and local levels. Rely on our expertise in the public sector to stay compliant, secure, and mission-focused.

ITsavvy supports our state and local government clients with:

  • Expertise
  • Inventory
  • Support
  • Lifecycle Management
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    Industry-leading expertise in IT hardware, software, and services tailored to address the needs of state and local agencies.

    A large inventory of quick-shipping products: Tap into our network of 4 million+ products from over 2,000 brand names. Thanks to our 46 distribution centers across the US, 99% of ITsavvy products ship the same day you order them.

    US-based, 24/7 help: Get one-call support with your dedicated client executive. If you’re having a crisis at midnight, our certified tech support team is available 24/7/365 to tackle your issue.

    IT lifecycle management is included as a value-add for our clients.