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At ITsavvy we pride ourselves on being objective and honest. One device does not fit all as each district has different needs and preferences. Thus our lineup of Chrome devices consists of multiple models from all of the major manufacturers. With over 100+ variations of Chrome devices on the market, making the selection of a single device can be overwhelming. To make your selection process easier, please contact us for our Comparative Guides, Benchmark Testing, and Demo Program.

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Benchmark Testing & Comparative Guides

With so many Chromebooks on the market many districts began asking us about performance differences. We decided to run our own performance tests rather than rely on all of the tests the major tech review sites were doing. All of the tests are completed on our Meraki MR32 access points five times and the average score is used in our results. The test results have become quite popular and some of the metrics are even used by, one of the most well-known websites on all things Chrome.

Demo Program

Once you have narrowed down the devices that your district is interested in, we can provide the selected units for demo. The demo units will be shipped to the location(s) of your choice in one of our Chrome Demo cases.  We allow districts to use the devices for up to three weeks which allows sufficient time for your own rigorous testing process.  Upon request, we may allow a complete tear down of the evaluation units.  We carry demo units of every current Chrome Device on the market so you should not have to wait long to test your favorites!

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