• Simple Ordering
  • Quality Control
  • Imaging
  • Staging and Configuration
  • Asset Management
  • Custom Kitting
  • Order products via our simple self-serve savvyPortal. Your client executive will match your orders with custom requests based on your configuration requirements.

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    Engineering, engineer, build.
    ITsavvy implements a four-phase QC process to ensure your products are properly configured and imaged. We ensure no products arrive DOA, ensuring your product arrives fully configured, tested, and ready to get to work.

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    Do you need separate solutions or units for different use cases? Customize your team’s experience with solutions imaged to the user’s exact specifications with our plug-and-play imaging service.

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    ITsavvy is able to customize your solutions at the hardware level, giving your team a seamless, high-quality experience from start to finish.

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    ITsavvy helps you set up serial numbers, registrations, and warranties for each product with your manufacturer. Add this information to your internal asset management solution or via savvyPortal to better control inventory.

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    Don’t order disparate products from multiple sources. Your laptops, bags, and accessories ship together to streamline your onboarding. ITsavvy’s custom kitting solution gives your team an office setup ready in a box, streamlining onboarding and boosting workforce enablement.

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    How We Help

    Certified Expertise

    All of ITsavvy’s configuration lab experts are fully certified.


    Every installation kit is made to your exact needs. You’ll never get a generic solution from ITsavvy.


    We flex to match the way you operate and do business.

    Millions of Products

    The savvyPortal has over 2 million products to choose from. Most orders ship the same day you order, too.

    Single Source Solutions

    Rely on ITsavvy for all of your configuration needs, as well as end-to-end IT solutions and service.

    Save Time

    ITsavvy’s configuration lab eliminates confusion and delays by ensuring your solutions are employee-ready.

    Popular products and solutions

    Our clients often augment their configuration lab service with:

    Field Services

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    Managed NOC

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    Data Center Transformation

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