Why ITsavvy?

Our break/fix service uses best in class technology and expertise to keep our clients productive:

  • Laptop repairs
  • Phone repair
  • Malware and spyware removal
  • Cabling
  • Are your employee laptops malfunctioning? ITsavvy offers brand-agnostic repairs for your PCs, getting your team back to work ASAP.

    Phones are the lifeblood of modern business, but technical problems can cripple your team’s productivity. Whether it’s your office phones or company-issued smartphones, ITsavvy keeps your team connected.

    ITsavvy not only monitors and helps your business identify threats; our technicians can be rapidly deployed to reimage your devices with minimal downtime.

    Whether it’s a jack or a wireless AP, ITsavvy’s technicians can quickly resolve the issue.

    24/7/365 help for your break/fix needs.

    Productivity is just a call away.

    Technology keeps your organization moving. But what happens when your tech doesn’t perform as it should?

    Broken devices and malfunctioning software are just some of the many problems plaguing your organization.

    It’s difficult to see a return on your technology investments when your assets aren’t working properly.

    That’s why ITsavvy helps organizations of all sizes with our expert break/fix services.

    Use the convenient ITsavvy portal to submit requests, check your progress, and view historical request data.

    Pay only when you need help, keeping your IT costs low while accessing the expert help you need.

    Depending on your service level, a technician can be on-site within 4 – 48 hours.

    With no ongoing contract fees or upfront payments, break/fix with ITsavvy is a smart choice to keep your organization productive.

    Why does my organization need break/fix?

    ITsavvy’s expert technicians keep your organization productive and profitable. Our break/fix service helps clients:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get a single source of service
  • Scale with peace of mind
  • Pay only for the level of service you need. Break/fix with ITsavvy doesn’t require contract fees or upfront payments, which keeps your costs low for the long-term.

    Trust ITsavvy for every install, move, and add/change service in your organization. Our expert break/fix team is here to help you succeed, no matter your needs.

    Bearded Black IT Engineer Standing and Posing with Crossed Arms in the Middle of a Working Data Center Server Room with Server Computers Working on a Rack.

    ITsavvy offers multi-site services with over 10,000 technicians across the globe. Wherever your organization needs to be, we’re there to support your needs.

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