Our bundling capabilities

Can any user buy anything from your online catalog? That’s not always the most efficient way to optimize your supply chain. Bundling takes the guesswork out of selecting required technology components when making purchases, lowering costs and reducing time for delivery and implementation.

  • Put together a standard product package
  • Improve your user experience
  • Speed up the buying process
  • If you have 3 types of users on your site, you can set up 3 separate product bundles tailored to each user group.

    Your users don’t want to spend ages sifting through product listings looking for the correct piece of equipment or hardware. Save your users time and prevent them from ordering irrelevant products with a bundling solution through ITsavvy.

    Your bundling solution will prevent users from manually searching for each product they need. With bundled products already chosen for your users, you can speed up the buying process with quick-reference product listings.

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