The secret sauce is simple: it’s our values.

We’ve been able to shake up the IT industry thanks to our unique approach to IT solutions and services. ITsavvy uses 12 Guiding Principles as a framework for professional success. They regulate our behavior, but also give our team enough freedom to grow personally and professionally.

ITsavvy’s Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles affect every action in our company, whether it’s a client email or an employee meeting. And these principles are not only our values: they’re who we are.

Clients trust us with their businesses, and that’s an obligation we don’t take lightly.

We accept the tremendous responsibility that comes with being your Technology Solutions provider.

ITsavvy’s 12 Guiding Principles


Integrity always comes first. We have a zero-tolerance policy for dishonesty. ITsavvy believes in doing the right thing and being transparent about everything we do.


To us, respect is about seeing the value in everyone. While titles indicate the job you do, they should never affect the respect you get in the workplace. That’s why ITsavvy shows kindness and respect to everyone.


We know trust is something that’s earned. That’s why our team believes in earning our stripes. We believe in closing the gap between what we say we’ll do and the actions we take.


ITsavvy encourages its team to have an entrepreneurial mindset. This is about cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit that breaks new ground. We celebrate taking big leaps of faith because we know big rewards come from big risks.


Subpar work doesn’t work for us. But we know that perfection isn’t possible, either; that’s why we focus on quality. ITsavvy believes it’s okay to make mistakes in the pursuit of excellence. We take responsibility for mistakes and learn from them because excellence is only possible when you learn.


ITsavvy exists because we want to give our clients peace of mind. We believe in empowering our clients with expert advice from a team that’s in your corner, no matter what.


Clients trust us with their businesses, and that’s an obligation we don’t take lightly. We accept the tremendous responsibility that comes with being an IT provider. We have full ownership over everything we do—no exceptions.


ITsavvy believes in staying humble. We know our work is high-quality, but we remain mindful that success is a collective effort.


While every individual contributes to our team’s success, we’re stronger as a whole. There’s no need to compete because our team is working towards the same goals, together.


We know our employees, clients, and partners have experiences and commitments that extend beyond the office. We believe in sharing the joys and challenges from all parts of our lives because we don’t stop being human at work.


ITsavvy believes in purposeful communication. We’re always mindful of our words, because we know thoughtful communication is what leads to breakthroughs.


Humility is important to us, but we know we hire the best and the brightest in IT. That’s why we ask our team to share ideas without judgment. ITsavvy is a space that celebrates dreaming big, because that’s when brilliance happens.

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