Apple Drives Innovation

The software that a business runs helps run the business. So whether a business needs Excel experts, PowerPoint pros, or Salesforce savants, Mac can run the software they need to get the job done. Mac does that.

Give teams the power to rip through their workflows with a Mac supercharged by the next-generation M4 chip. It starts up in a flash and multitasks like a beast. On a deadline and need to review a lead in Salesforce, use Slack with coworkers, or touch up that PowerPoint presentation—all while videoconferencing? Mac does that.

There’s never been a better time to try Apple!

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  • A Smarter Investment
  • Employee-Centric Experiences
  • Deploy & Secure with Ease
  • Macs Save Money

    • Durable by design
      You count on your device day after day. So we design our products with durable materials, support them with ongoing operating system updates, and make them easy to get repaired if anything happens.
    • Simple software updates
      As well as being durable, Apple® devices are designed to be upgradable. And because those upgrades are available across multiple generations of products, more users are able to take advantage of new software features.
    • A high residual value
      The combination of highly durable hardware, a worldwide network of repair providers, and simple software updates means that Apple products retain significant value over their lifecycle, making them more affordable.
    • Intuitive to use, simple to deploy
      Apple products are intuitive to use, making it easy for business users to do more with less help, further reducing costs.

    The Power of Choice

    • Empower everyone
      Your employees are using Apple at home, so why not in the office? Let your workforce device which products work for them, while maintaining corporate standards.
    • Tools you know & love
      Productivity explodes when workers are familiar with the tech they’re issued to get the job done.
    • A newfound culture of ownership
      Benefit from increased employee engagement, improving employee retention & loyalty.
    • Increased user satisfaction with Mac
      71% of employees armed with Apple products & services report that they are satisfied with the Mac user experience

    Administer, configure, distribute, & secure

    • Distribute devices & applications
      Apple Business Manager makes it simply to directly distribute pre-configured devices to employees right out of the box.
    • Get up & running faster with Apple
      Say “goodbye” to time-consuming manual configuration processes by empowering employees with the best tools for the job before they start it.
    • Flexible deployment across Apple platforms
      Apple works seamlessly with mobile device management solutions.

    ITsavvy + Apple Business Manager

    ITsavvy experts harness the scalability & flexibility of Apple Business Manager to offer simple mobile device management unique to your needs. Easily set up Apple devices over the air without any need for manual configuration!

    Apple for Higher Education

    As we strive to increase student & faculty access to the latest technologies across college and university campuses, having the right partner for your Apple products is important. ITsavvy can assist with managing your large technology programs from design to procurement to provisioning. ITsavvy can relieve the strain on your in-house resources so you can focus on learning and not technology challenges.

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