ITsavvy Simplifies Apple® Solutions

  • Apple® Device Lifecycle Services
  • Device Enrollment & Management
  • Apple® Support & Maintenance
  • Custom Configurations for Plug-n-Play Deployment
  • Apple® Integration

  • From the moment you unbox your Apple® gadget, to the day it’s time to say goodbye, we’re here to help.

    • VIP shopping with recommendations from Apple®-certified experts. Find the right fit, the first time!
    • On-going device maintenance & updates means peace of mind for the long haul.
    • Retiring of old devices responsibly with data clean-out & eco-friendly device disposal.

    Apple Device Management & Repair
    ITsavvy offers expert device enrollment, configuration, and management.

    • Zero-touch deployment through Apple Business Manager®, Apple School Manager®, & Mobile Device Management (MDM)®.
    • Streamlined setup & configuration of all Apple® devices.
    • Centralized app management, policies, & security settings.

    Apple Support Services from ITsavvy
    ITsavvy’s certified experts ensure comprehensive support services for Apple® devices.

    • Troubleshooting & repairs for device issues.
    • Fast access for replacement devices with spare pools for hot swapping & device replacement.
    • Management of system & security updates to keep devices secure & efficient.

    Apple Device Configuration & Integration Service from ITsavvy
    We offer custom configurations & kitting of Apple® devices for plug-n-play delivery.

    • Finding & installing top-rated Apple® accessories & software enhancements.
    • Pre-configuration of devices for superbly smooth integration.
    • Expert settings for applications & security posture.

    Apple Device Integration Services from ITsavvy
    ITsavvy specializes in integrating Apple® products & services seamlessly with your existing environment.

    • Provisioning endpoint management for Apple® devices in hybrid OS ecosystems.
    • Setup of Mac computers, iPads, iPhones for enterprise systems.
    • Ensuring compatibility with dynamic, high-demand networks.

    The ITsavvy Difference

    Certification-Backed Expertise

    ITsavvy is an Apple® certified partner with a lifelong commitment to continued learning, certification, & excellence.

    Personalized Relationships with Clients

    ITsavvy focuses foremost on building relationships with clients, ensuring their unique needs & network demands come first.

    Access to the Latest Apple® Tech

    ITsavvy’s proactive approach & strategic partnerships mean that clients always have first-come access to the most cutting-edge solutions.

    Consultative Problem-Solving

    Our goal is to solve your challenges, no matter how complex they are. Tailored advice results in long-term peace of mind partnerships.

    Superb Client Support

    ITsavvy offers 24/7/365, US-based support for all Apple® clients. Our promise? We’re available! When & where you need us most.

    Cost Saving Solutions

    ITsavvy’s partnerships & deep experience in the IT world let us provide the best pricing possible. We’re always on the lookout to find you a deal!

    “We’re proud to stand out as one of the few Value Added Resellers equipped to bring the innovative solutions of Apple® directly to higher education and offer iPhones® outside of traditional carrier constraints. This unique capability allows us to cater to a broad spectrum of needs, from educational institutions enhancing their tech offerings to healthcare teams prioritizing security and flexibility. Our strategic partnership with Cisco further exemplifies our commitment to enhancing Apple® services, ensuring our clients enjoy prioritized Wi-Fi performance on campuses and beyond. It’s these kinds of differentiators that underscore our mission to deliver not just products but comprehensive, customized solutions that empower our clients across all sectors.”

    — Milind Shah, CTO, ITsavvy

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