Why ITsavvy?

Our security and data protection service uses best in class technology and expertise to keep clients protected:

  • Policy management
  • Advanced analysis
  • Layered security
  • ITsavvy’s experts help you architect security and data protection policies for each of your Microsoft 365 tools, like email, storage, chat, documents, and more.

    Get visibility across your organization’s Microsoft cloud infrastructure. ITsavvy conducts ongoing, advanced analysis to look for threats, vulnerabilities, and potential compliance issues.

    Email filtering, traffic analysis, and more help prevent threats from entering your cloud environment.

    Don’t give anyone unauthorized access.

    ITsavvy keeps your Microsoft 365 infrastructure locked down.

    Migrating to the cloud is an efficient way to boost collaboration in your organization.

    While Microsoft includes many security measures in Microsoft 365, every client is different and Microsoft may not cover you to the level your business demands.

    ITsavvy ensures your security platform adheres to best practices and aligns with current Microsoft 365 release updates.

    Customize a security solution specific to your usage, organization, and industry with ITsavvy’s comprehensive security and data protection service.

    Our always-on team protects your messages, users, and other sensitive data from prying eyes.

    Trust ITsavvy’s policy management expertise to design security policies for all of your Microsoft 365 assets.

    Our certified experts are proactively managing threats, too, mitigating any potential threats.

    See how our security and data protection service empowers you to take full advantage of Microsoft 365 without the security headaches.

    We’re a client advocate

    ITsavvy believes in giving our clients the best of the best. That’s why we work with a variety of partners for our Microsoft 365 solutions and products.

    Don’t see a preferred vendor?

    We work with thousands of partners to suit your IT needs.

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    Why does my organization need security and data protection in Microsoft 365?

    ITsavvy’s expert Microsoft 365 team keeps your organization productive and safe. Our security and data protection service helps clients:

  • Stay compliant
  • Reduce costs
  • Respond quickly to threats
  • Data breaches are never good for business, but if you’re beholden to industry or government regulations, an Microsoft 365 breach could put you at risk. ITsavvy minimizes the chances of a breach with proactive, holistic security strategies that keep your data under lock and key.

    It’s expensive to recover lost data, and even more expensive footing the bill for fees and fines. ITsavvy helps clients reduce both internal and regulatory costs by keeping your infrastructure secure.

    ITsavvy’s 24/7, expert monitoring means you’re always covered. Get peace of mind knowing our team is taking both proactive and reactive actions to lock down your data and remediate any issues.

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