Why ITsavvy?

Our backup as a service solution uses best in class technology and expertise to protect your organization from data loss:

  • Inventory and assessment
  • Cloud backups
  • Failover
  • Cloud storage
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    Your ITsavvy cloud expert will assess your current infrastructure and needs to determine what needs to be backed up, your capacity requirements, the desired frequency of backups, your desired recovery time, and regulatory requirements. They then craft a personalized BaaS solution tailored to your specific needs.

    ITsavvy backs up your data on the cloud, instead of on-premise, so you know your data is always safe and accessible. With regular backups and off-hours options available, we’re here to protect your business without the downtime.

    Run your backups in the cloud and failback once your servers are active again. ITsavvy’s failover keeps your organization online, no matter what happens.

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    We help you back up any time, anywhere to secure cloud storage options tailored to your organization’s needs.

    Don’t lose your data from a failure to back up.

    ITsavvy BaaS keeps your organization secure, productive, and compliant.

    Make the most of your organization’s investment in the private cloud.

    Backup as a service moves your backups from an on-premise solution to a reliable private cloud backup.

    Remotely protect your data from loss, hacks, or disasters with ITsavvy. We handle the BaaS setup and maintenance to save you both time and money.

    Every BaaS includes an inventory assessment to customize your solution for cost efficiencies and compliance.

    With regular backups on the private cloud, failover options, and custom storage options, ITsavvy offers comprehensive BaaS solutions to keep your organization running.

    Don’t worry about maintaining, implementing, or repairing your backups. Let your team focus on mission-critical tasks while ITsavvy handles your BaaS.

    While moving to the cloud can be complex, ITsavvy’s BaaS removes the hands-on management and complexity of backing up your critical data.

    See how your organization can reduce costs, save time, and improve compliance with ITsavvy’s robust BaaS solutions.

    We’re a client advocate

    ITsavvy believes in giving our clients the best of the best. That’s why we work with a variety of partners for our cloud solutions and products.

    Don’t see a preferred vendor?

    We work with thousands of partners to suit your IT needs.


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    Why ITsavvy for my organization’s backup strategy?

    ITsavvy’s expert cloud team is here to make your move to the private cloud as easy as possible. Backup as a service helps our clients:

  • Improve security
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time

  • Protect your organization from ransomware, malware, and other attacks on your network. ITsavvy encrypts all backups to add multiple layers of security and air gaps to your most important data.

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    We reduce the complexity of the cloud to improve costs. ITsavvy reduces your need for additional storage with ongoing optimization to reduce costs. Plus, regular backups help you avoid fines and fees from data loss and breaches.

    Team of professional data center engineers setting server hardware working on laptop coworking in digital server room. Webhosting.
    There’s no need to maintain, implement, or troubleshoot your backups internally. Let ITsavvy’s experts give you peace of mind while your internal IT team focuses on mission-critical tasks.

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