VDI Solution Powered by Azure; Backed by Quick Implementation, Expert Support Offered by ITsavvy

ADDISON, Ill.—ITsavvy, one of the most recommended complete technology solution providers in the U.S., is offering its savvyDesktop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution (savvyDesktop VDI). ITsavvy is a Gold Level Direct Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner delivering the significant advantage of expertise with Azure cloud and related applications.

ITsavvy’s Executive Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group Joe Llano said, “Because of the transition brought about by the COVID-19 situation, many organizations are looking for more agile deployment of and support for desktops across a distributed workforce. This is one of the many areas where we shine. For example, we were able to architect a VDI solution that was designed and deployed in Azure for a client with 2,500 users in 72 hours.”

The user experience with savvyDesktop VDI is very similar to a traditional laptop or desktop; the only difference is that applications, permissions and underlying user data are being delivered from the cloud rather than residing on the hard drive of the individual user.

ITsavvy’s Advanced Solutions Group designs, implements and supports VDI, and provides centralized device management. They have expertise in the full array of cloud infrastructures, including Azure.

Benefits of savvyDesktop VDI include:

  • Security: It is incredibly secure. Because all of the data and processing are on a server controlled by the organization, system administrators are not relying on end users to backup their workstations – everything is backed up at the server level.
  • Scalability: It scales seamlessly – the same way a cluster of servers can add a new workload almost instantaneously. Administrators can also add users with ease.
  • Reduced Costs: It reduces IT operations cost – since all the computing is being done on the server. Even inexpensive legacy assets can be used as endpoints – eliminating technology refresh cycles.
  • Accessibility: A VDI session is fully portable. In most cases the user would only need to download a Microsoft or Citrix app to get the organization’s VDI desktop from any device.
  • Minimal Bandwidth: The actual bandwidth usage is extremely light – in essence the only thing the client endpoint is sending back to the servers is key strokes and the only thing being sent back from the servers is screen graphics.
  • Easy Backup: Best of all – it will adhere to any backup policy.

With savvyDesktop VDI anyone can work from home; there is centralized device maintenance and horizontal scaling; and administrators have the peace of mind knowing that the environment in highly secure.

ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “With so many people working remotely now, the challenge is to securely connect the desktop environments of this new remote workforce without interruption. Our savvyDesktop VDI solution was designed to do just that.”

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