ITsavvy Spotlight: Ruby Bachus

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Ruby Bachus (she/her), Senior Partner Operations ManagerRuby Bachus headshot 

Before joining ITsavvy, she worked as a South America Sales Rep and Implementation Coordinator at Faria Systems. With experience in tech sales, marketing & operations, she’s been a key component and was on the ground floor of the Partner Management team at ITsavvy.

In 2016 Ruby was new to the IT channel when she first joined ITsavvy as our inaugural partner manager, overseeing one of ITsavvy’s largest partners. She was our HP Partner Manger and for 4 years and enjoyed building the HP brand presence with our sales teams.

“ITsavvy has been instrumental in developing my career and goals. ITsavvy does an amazing job of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in every single one of us. My career path has been filled with positions that I have been able to help develop and create.

There are infinite possibilities to what one can build at ITsavvy.” – Ruby Bachus

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After a successful tenure as our HP Partner Manager, Ruby went on to be promoted to manage a team performing the role she was once the “guinea pig” for.

Ruby is a leader in our Partner Management organization and continues to manage a brand, team and has various other responsibilities including accounting and marketing to name a few.