ITsavvy Spotlight: Amber White

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team. Congratulations Amber on your promotion to Director, Sales Support!

Amber WhiteAmber White, Director, Sales Support 

With 18 years in sales and operations, Amber began her career at ITsavvy as the Client Associate Manager. When she interviewed with ITsavvy leadership was so impressed they created her role specifically for her. Amber has recently been promoted to Director, Sales Support and has been a key component of some of ITsavvy’s growth.

When I started 3 years ago, ITsavvy was already growing rapidly and it has been so exciting to be part of our exponential growth. Opportunities are endless at ITsavvy and our collaborative spirit enables me to build key connections with different departments. These relationships enable me to be a solution finder and build success for my team and ITsavvy as a whole. –Amber White

Technology professionals at an eventWith her strategic thinking and vision, Amber broke off her group to be a stand-alone department with more growth opportunity.

Excelling at personally connecting with her team members, she focuses on how to serve them as a leader to aid in their success and happiness within their roles at ITsavvy. Whenever a problem is encountered, Amber deftly finds solutions for faster results and create true progress.