VDI Call Center Infrastructure for Healthcare Client Quickly Developed by ITsavvy

ADDISON, Ill.—ITsavvy, a leading provider of technology for the healthcare industry, recently fast-tracked deployment of VDI call center infrastructure for a leading healthcare organization– facilitating a work-from-home 2,500-agent call center almost overnight.

When COVID-19 hit, the healthcare client was faced with an immediate crisis. At the time, their primary point of contact with potential and existing customers was through their call centers. The company had to find a way to immediately transfer 2500 call agents from physical call centers to their homes.

ITsavvy’s Vice President of Business Development David Theriault said, “The client needed an IT miracle at a time when miracles were in short supply. The challenge required them to partner with a company with rich resources, wide connections, deep expertise and proven professionalism. That’s where ITsavvy really shines. Having worked on multiple projects with us, the client was confident that we had the resources and distributor relationships to get their entire team up and running at lightning speed.”

Project challenges included:

  • Provisioning 2,500 laptops over a single weekend, at a time when procurement was difficult for all technology providers.
  • Building a VDI infrastructure to allow the client to take calls securely from their homes.
  • Purchasing the monitors, docking stations, headphones and other accessories the agents would need.
  • Providing immediate training and support.

In two days and in the face of a lockdown, ITsavvy procured all the required equipment for the migration, and designed and deployed the Azure architecture. With the transition complete, every agent was working from home and on the phone; provisioned with: laptops, monitors, docking stations, headsets, keyboards and everything else required to streamline their duties. ITsavvy provided complete support throughout the transition.

In the end, there was almost no business disruption and the client was able to preserve its revenue stream.

Theriault added, “Within one business day of the announced lockdown, the client was running the remote call center system as if nothing had happened. And from their customers’ point of view, nothing had. This client has been relying on ITsavvy’s outstanding capabilities and client service for a long time and this is one of the many reasons why. All of us—ITsavvy, the client and the partners that helped—are proud of this very successful effort.”

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