ITsavvy Spotlight: Jori Curry

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Jori Curry headshotJori Lane Curry, Senior Director of Learning and Communications

Jori came to ITsavvy 4 years ago from the Adobe space. She was the founder and president of Ascend Training, the first woman-owned Adobe Authorized Training Center in the country. Jori joined ITsavvy after 20 years designing and delivering learning programs for creatives, developers, and marketing professionals at Ascend.

A passionate leader, mentor, coach, trainer, and facilitator, Jori has created a world-class learning and onboarding program at ITsavvy. Combining her creativity with technology, she is our change-agent, constantly elevating engagement. Collaborating with all divisions, her technical training and soft-skills courses create an amazing atmosphere of empowerment.

The secret sauce at ITsavvy is we truly believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We are encouraged to find new innovative ways of doing things and to embrace change. I am so fortunate to be able to be involved in so many different areas instead of being told to “stay in my swim lane” like those at other companies. If you’re looking for a place to grow and evolve, ITsavvy is the place for you. –Jori Curry

IT Company christmas par

With ITsavvy doubling in size since 2019, Jori’s leadership has been a key component in our growth and ensuring our teams feel connected. She excels in detecting gaps in skills and processes. Jori consistently helps ITsavvy excel and improve while ensuring everyone is educated and informed.

Jori motivates others by her actions and her personal approach contributes to our team-driven corporate culture.



ITsavvy Spotlight: Amber White

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team. Congratulations Amber on your promotion to Director, Sales Support!

Amber WhiteAmber White, Director, Sales Support 

With 18 years in sales and operations, Amber began her career at ITsavvy as the Client Associate Manager. When she interviewed with ITsavvy leadership was so impressed they created her role specifically for her. Amber has recently been promoted to Director, Sales Support and has been a key component of some of ITsavvy’s growth.

When I started 3 years ago, ITsavvy was already growing rapidly and it has been so exciting to be part of our exponential growth. Opportunities are endless at ITsavvy and our collaborative spirit enables me to build key connections with different departments. These relationships enable me to be a solution finder and build success for my team and ITsavvy as a whole. –Amber White

Technology professionals at an eventWith her strategic thinking and vision, Amber broke off her group to be a stand-alone department with more growth opportunity.

Excelling at personally connecting with her team members, she focuses on how to serve them as a leader to aid in their success and happiness within their roles at ITsavvy. Whenever a problem is encountered, Amber deftly finds solutions for faster results and create true progress.

ITsavvy Spotlight: Ruby Bachus

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Ruby Bachus (she/her), Senior Partner Operations ManagerRuby Bachus headshot 

Before joining ITsavvy, she worked as a South America Sales Rep and Implementation Coordinator at Faria Systems. With experience in tech sales, marketing & operations, she’s been a key component and was on the ground floor of the Partner Management team at ITsavvy.

In 2016 Ruby was new to the IT channel when she first joined ITsavvy as our inaugural partner manager, overseeing one of ITsavvy’s largest partners. She was our HP Partner Manger and for 4 years and enjoyed building the HP brand presence with our sales teams.

“ITsavvy has been instrumental in developing my career and goals. ITsavvy does an amazing job of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in every single one of us. My career path has been filled with positions that I have been able to help develop and create.

There are infinite possibilities to what one can build at ITsavvy.” – Ruby Bachus

IT company event

After a successful tenure as our HP Partner Manager, Ruby went on to be promoted to manage a team performing the role she was once the “guinea pig” for.

Ruby is a leader in our Partner Management organization and continues to manage a brand, team and has various other responsibilities including accounting and marketing to name a few.

ITsavvy Spotlight: Jenny Halilovic

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Jenny Halilovic, Talent Acquisition Manager

Jenny is a Bosnian immigrant who migrated to America as a child in the early 2000’s to live the American Dream. Fleeing the Bosnian war, she and her family settled in Wisconsin and then moved to Chicago and was the first in her family to obtain a college degree.

Because people are central to an organization’s success and culture, Jenny is passionate about ensuring that we provide a positive working culture, which starts with the talent who joins our organization. Jenny is grateful for the opportunities that she has been given, and a large part of her career advancement has been paved at ITsavvy.

“ITsavvy encourages our people to share innovative ideas that mold our company day in and day out. We drive ourselves to push boundaries, improve processes, and enable our people to make a strong impact.

ITsavvy and John Skeffington, ITsavvy’s CHRO have given me the runway and support to build my career path, and that is what has allowed me to succeed in my career with ITsavvy. I am grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see where my ITsavvy journey will take me.”  –Jenny Halilovic

Jenny’s Road to ITsavvy Technology company Christmas party

Before Jenny landed at ITsavvy, she worked in various HR roles in healthcare, including Advocate Healthcare, NorthShore University HealthSystem, and Presence Health.

She was new to the IT industry and was excited to try something new with a rapidly growing organization. From the moment she met with John Skeffington, ITsavvy’s CHRO, she knew this was the best next step in her career.

Transformational Roles at ITsavvy

After three years at the organization, Jenny was promoted to Talent Acquisition Manager where she will take the organization’s talent acquisition vision and values to the next level. Jenny is passionate about creating the best possible job candidate experience and helping ITsavvy grow.


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