Google ChromeOS

ChromeOS is a cloud-first solution built to support modern workforces. Cloud profiles, regular background updates, and access to popular productivity and video conferencing apps helps employees work effectively from anywhere. Lower total cost of ownership, multiple layers of security, and ease of management free IT to have more impact. With updates every four weeks that happen in the background, devices stay up to date and secure without causing employee downtime. ChromeOS keeps modern workers connected and productive, whether they’re a frontline worker or knowledge worker, in office or remote.

Breathe new life into PCs and Macs with
ChromeOS Flex

Technology is evolving rapidly. Yet many businesses still rely on legacy operating systems that cause device downtime and open the door to security threats. For years, ChromeOS devices like Chromebook have provided a secure cloud first and easy to manage solution. Now with ChromeOS Flex you can bring that experience to PCs and Macs.

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