Lifecycle Management for Technology Solutions Delivers Outstanding ROI

ADDISON, Ill.—ITsavvy, one of the most trusted complete technology solution providers in the U.S., offers a no-cost, high-ROI Lifecycle Management solution that helps clients manage their IT assets from deployment to decommission; consolidating, co-terming and tracking vendor contract renewals. Support contracts stay up to date, eliminating the risk of IT disruption. Lifecycle Management clients are never charged for ITsavvy’s time or expertise.

ITsavvy President and COO Munu Gandhi said, “Our Lifecycle Management solution has proven its value with clients across a range of industries. When you look at the price difference between non-negotiated and negotiated contracts, the savings are significant. Negotiating technology contracts requires a level of expertise we have on staff that even the largest organizations don’t have in house. In addition, clients need the ability to manage their assets on a platform that can be accessed and utilized by multiple teams.”

The tremendous value of ITsavvy’s Lifecycle Management solution was highlighted during the pandemic when IT departments were under extreme pressure; were typically understaffed; had to manage many new technology products and solutions; and were forced to upgrade outdated technology rapidly. As the pandemic abates and IT departments transition to normalcy, conditions can be even more dynamic.

Smart businesses have been managing technology assets during the pandemic and recovery with ITsavvy’s Lifecycle Management solution. In both examples below, ITsavvy’s experts spent 100s of hours at no cost to the client.

  • 3-year Cisco Smart Net Renewal for a Global Insurance Company: This client had 1,000s of assets worldwide. ITsavvy accounted for all their inventory globally and worked with the client’s management to assure accuracy. ITsavvy then negotiated higher than average discounting that was passed on to the client–saving the client a significant amount of money. ITsavvy had previously negotiated an HPE renewal that also produced considerable savings for the client. In the end, ITsavvy spent 100s of hours to deliver maximum value to the client, which was not billed.
  • Healthcare Solutions Company with Expansive Data Center: Because this client knows that ITsavvy’s Lifecycle Management solution delivers high ROI, they trust ITsavvy to manage 15+ contract renewals, including Cisco Smart Net, VMware, Red Hat, HPE, Dell EMC, Splunk, etc. ITsavvy takes care of these renewals proactively so there is ample time for discussion and processing. Clients such as this, with a significant amount of data center hardware, often realize the highest ROI from ITsavvy’s Lifecycle Management solution.

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