ITsavvy Spotlight: Heather Carlson

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Heather Carlson, Senior Vice President, Partner Management at ITsavvy.Dell Technologies trade show

Before joining ITsavvy, Heather worked in various marketing roles at WMS Gaming, a Casino Slot Machine Manufacturer overseeing Tradeshow Logistics, Sales Enablement and Digital Marketing.

She originally joined ITsavvy’s marketing team in 2017 and soon saw the opportunity to further develop and expand the partner relationships and leverage the resources available through those partnerships.  Heather developed a proposal that outlined her vision for Partner Management- and how it could help with marketing and demand generation efforts and presented it to Chris Kurpeikis and the rest was history.

“ITsavvy has given me the freedom to cultivate new ideas and bring them to life. If you are entrepreneurial, hardworking and have a passion for IT solutions, ITsavvy is a great place to execute your plans for success.”
–Heather Carlson

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Heather’s Road to ITsavvy

Before Heather landed at ITsavvy, she held marketing roles usually related to database marketing and marketing operations in a variety of industries including Credit Bureaus, CPG, Advertising and Casino Manufacturing. She was new to  the IT Channel and was excited to branch out into IT and the ever changing technology landscape.


Transformational Roles at ITsavvyIT professionals smiling

After eight months at the organization, Heather moved to the Partner Management Team and was promoted to Director, Partner Management. Heather has spent the past 6 years building an amazing team of 14 that has led to exponential growth at ITsavvy. Heather was pivotal in creating a Demand Generation Team led by the Director, Demand Generation, 1 Sr. PM Operations Manager, 9 funded heads and two marketing support team members.


IT Professionals at a Christmas party