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Terry Renner
Senior Systems Engineer, Advanced Solutions Group, ITsavvy

Jason Marshall
Manager, Product Engineering at VMware

How to accelerate the delivery of apps to users

Simpler for you. Faster for your end users.

Heavy duty applications don’t have to complicate your infrastructure. ITsavvy partners with VMware to deploy VMware Horizon Application Management for real time application delivery with lifecycle management.

In 2014, VMWare IT automated the delivery application environments for their development and test engineers. This process change decreased provisioning times by 95% (from 3 weeks to less than 1 day), increased developer productivity by 20% and reduced cost per VM by 80%.

Learning Objectives

This on-demand event will show you how to achieve:
  • Real-time application delivery
  • User profile and policy management
  • Monitoring for apps, users and sessions
  • Consistent user experience across devices
  • Dynamic configuration of policies across environments
  • Updated applications and settings in seconds
  • Unified workspaces – XA, ROSH, SaaS, ThinApp

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