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Mondopad for Education

The Mondopad, from InFocus, provides many benefits to the education community. K-12 schools are facing a multitude of challenges that put pressure on administrators, teachers and students to do more with less. Technology can address these demands, but finding the right mix of tools to engage and enlighten students is critical to improving their performance. The Mondopad brings together multiple technologies into one powerful, cost effective tool for teachers to engage their students and prepare them for the demanding world of the 21st century.

The Mondopad is a centerpiece for child-to-child collaboration:

  • Engage students as a group
  • Enables students and teachers to manipulate content and lessons together
  • Annotate documents and projects
  • Illustrate mathematical concepts on an interactive whiteboard
  • Bring noted experts into the classroom through videoconferencing
  • Students work together on interactive websites

Watch the video above and see how the Mondopad can become your Classroom’s Window to the World.

The Mondopad is one of the hottest and most exciting products for educators. In fact, the Obama Administrations National Education Technology Plan from 2010 calls for embracing innovation and “applying the advanced technologies used in our daily personal and professional lives to our entire education system to improve student learning”. Speak to your ITsavvy Client Executive or consult with our Mondopad technology expert to see how we can help you meet this objective.



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