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Video Conferencing Products

Your employees are demanding high-quality video. Nearly 90% of younger employees prefer to work for a more video-enabled organization. Three-quarters of employees say they won’t compromise on video conferencing quality. Remote workers want to contribute to corporate decision-making, selecting video as their preferred real-time technology. Oh, and can videos transfer seamlessly from desktops to smartphones?

How do you make hassle-free collaborative capabilities a smart investment for your organization?

ITsavvy offers Video Conferencing Products that unite people with the power of face-to-face communication utilizing:

  • Room Systems
  • Multi-Way Calling
  • Content Sharing
  • Cloud-Based Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Whiteboarding


Video Conferencing Products from ITsavvy gives you:

Industry-leading partners in visual communication technology, including Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize and Polycom

Greater efficiency & productivity by enabling call-ins from any device, anytime, anywhere

Faster problem solving through real-time sharing of colleagues’ documents, presentations and spreadsheets

Improved communication and collaboration with co-workers, partners and clients

Reduced costs by eliminating the need for team travel


Specialized Capabilities

ITsavvy has Video Conference Products experts who can help you select the best devices for specialized applications, including:

Supply chain: improve vendor communication with video sharing of products, parts and layouts

Human resources: reduce costs by replacing in-person interviews with video recruitment

Healthcare: widen reach of caregiving through tele-consultations with patients

Training: increase student and employee engagement through interactive distance education and webinars


We listen. Then deliver results.

Many organizations rely on ITsavvy to help them make the best decisions on Video Conferencing Products.

Get started today and find out how ITsavvy’s end-to-end solutions can benefit your business. Click here to request a consultation or personalized demo.

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> Video Conferencing Kit

> Lifesize Subscription Licenses

> Wireless Access Points

> Warranties

> Accessories

> Video Cables

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