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Thermal Barcode Printers

Toshiba thermal barcode printers are the perfect solution for your business-critical labeling applications. From receipts to tags, barcode shipping labels to specialized custom labels, our printers have become the leading choice across the world for professional, in-house labeling.

For more information, download the thermal barcode printer full-line brochure.

    Toshiba B-452/B-852 Series

  • Warehouse Shipping, bin or pallet labels

  • In-store shelf labels or promotion item labels

  • Production or assembly line product labeling

    Toshiba B-EP2DL/B-EP4DL Series

  • Retail in aisle shelf labeling, DC pallet or aisle

  • Route accounting, delivery receipts

  • Field service receipts/tickets, eCitation

    Toshiba B-EV4D/4T Series

  • Shipping, bin, or product ID labels in production

  • Courier, transportation, logistics tickets/labels

  • Prescription, pharmacy, tab/specimen labels

    Toshiba B-EX4T1/B-EX4T2 B-SA4TP/B-SA4TM Series

  • Warehouse shipping, bin or pallet labels

  • Distribution centers receiving/shipping, cross docking

  • Courier. transportation, logistics tickets/labels

  • Food processing/distribution, item labeling

    Toshiba SX5T/SX6T/SX8T Series

  • Warehouse aisle or pallet labels

  • Distribution centers receiving/shipping, cross docking

  • Retail special sales item signs & aisle labels

  • Chemical container, large appliances & specialty labels

    Toshiba DB-EA4D

  • Industrial 4″ Duplex Direct Thermal Printer

  • Low cost of operation

  • Designed for flexibility

  • Highly efficient


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