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savvyGuard® NOC Virtual Tour

Real-time bird’s-eye and street-level views of your operation can take you from reactive to proactive.

“The pressure on IT to take cost out of the business has never been more intense,” according to Gartner.

Frankly, we’re more than happy to take on some of your pressures. That’s why we’ve invested seven figures into the next generation for network management.

“By outsourcing your core functions, you can refocus your staff on projects that support your strategic business goals. And that brings extraordinary value to your IT operations. Welcome to our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center.”
Mike Theriault, President & CEO, ITsavvy

Fun fact: Orange is the optimum color for concentration and productivity.

Your network is your livelihood, and you should care about the who/what/where of your NOC team. So we’re taking you on a 24-hour virtual tour of our Network Operations Center.

You’ll enter here. Don’t let the bright colors fool you. We take our work seriously. We just like to do it in an energetic and collaborative environment.

“We drew on years of experience in managed services to build a space that is highly efficient and extremely secure.”
Barry Goldstein, Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group, ITsavvy

ITsavvy’s New York facility is staffed around the clock with a highly-certified, US-based technical team.

While you’ve been sleeping, our NOC has been busy completing your backups, implementing your patches, identifying and installing your upgrades and remediating your events. When you arrive at your desk in the morning, you’re good to go.

In the area toward the back of the photo, you’ll find our Level III engineers who specialize in LAN/WAN, Microsoft Exchange, Virtualization, Routing & Switching (CCIE level), Wireless, Networking, Surveillance, Security, Storage, Backup, Business Continuity and Compliance. They can swivel their chairs at a moment’s notice to weigh in on challenging alerts and events.

“We’ve designed our workflows to minimize escalations and reduce resolution times. This keeps your organization productive.”

Break/fix is expensive. Proactive management is strategic.

Let’s take a look inside. It’s all about you in here.

Using the most powerful PSA (professional services and automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools at our fingertips, we become the proactive managers of your network. With our “eyes and ears” on your devices and infrastructure, we get continuous feedback on the health of your network. We’ll get alerts when your thresholds are out of bounds, which sets into motion protocols for our team to analyze and isolate the source for rapid remediation. This cost effective approach to network support far exceeds the traditional break/fix method.

“Our clients benefit from the very same expert technology that we deploy on our corporate network.”

Predictive analytics spot trends and thresholds that could trigger a failure. We take action before that happens.

Are you unsure whether your backups are complete and on schedule? We monitor, manage and maintain over 1,300 daily backups. We’re constantly on the lookout for backup failures like disk space errors, permission errors or snapshots that might eat through disk space. To prevent failure, we clean up the disk or expand the volumes. Random client backups are tested routinely to ensure their integrity.

Much of our technology has been customized. Our remote probes automatically detect any IP connected device and install antivirus or appropriate patches. These granular analytics are what set us apart from the competition. We have the knowledge and expertise to bring our technology to life with our one-on-one client support.

“Our team coupled with our tools provide our clients with unparalleled support and unrivalled service.”
Director, Managed Services, ITsavvy

On any given day, we will backup, patch, troubleshoot and deploy so you don’t have to.

We have 5 team roles in our NOC center that facilitate work throughout the day:

Help Desk Technicians receive phone calls from your individual end users 24x7x365.

NOC Engineers manage issues that may affect multiple users and if necessary utilize field resources.

Third Level Engineers are brought in for complicated challenges to reduce escalations outside of the NOC.

Backup/Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Specialists can reconstruct lost data so your business doesn’t skip a beat.

Virtual Chief Information Officer is the glue that holds it all together, providing client involvement from proposal to ongoing daily support. Your dedicated resource is keeping a wide eye on your network.

FYI: We’re highly certified. In 2016, ITsavvy was selected for CRN’s Tech Elite 250. This annual list honors an exclusive group of North American IT solution providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications from leading technology vendors. We’ve been on CRN’s Managed Service Providers Elite 150 list, too.

Our 24x7x365 US-based help desk team supports users whenever and wherever they are.

We handle simple user problems like login and access issues quickly over the phone. For software challenges, we can remote-link to their devices and take over their screens for faster problem resolution.

Our vendor certified team provides one-on-one support to keep your users productive at night, over the weekends and on holidays.

“The industry average for a Help Desk call is 15 minutes. When you consider how many users you have, it’s easy to realize how much time your staff spends on user support. You could reallocate that to more value-added projects.”

At any time, we can access a dashboard for real-time visibility into the health of your operation.

Face it. The C suite of professionals and senior management are looking to IT operations like yours to reduce costs and deliver a positive ROI. We support you with real-time analytics, including asset management, patch reports, ticket summaries, security monitoring, service availability and network reliability performance.

We provide regular client consultations to review your metrics and help you create a compelling story for your decision makers.

“The long-term consequence is that on-premises infrastructures will be progressively phased out and replaced by off-premises services.”
Forrester, “By 2025, I&O Processes Become Business Services Orchestration”

We lease dedicated space in a best-in-class data center in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. It contains the most sophisticated storage, security, backup and disaster recovery technology.

Our infrastructure backbone has been designed and built by our Storage, Backup, Business Continuity and DR engineers. The location was selected for its close proximity to our ITsavvy technical team for the benefit of smart hands if needed. A fully-redundant architecture minimizes points of failure resulting in downtime.

HP servers and an EMC/Pure SAN storage array along with customized software have been designed to our specifications. It is 100% compliant for HIPAA and HITECH; SSAE 16 audited; PCI DSS 3.0 compliant; Safe Harbor certified; and SOC 1.0 and 2.0 certified.

“We moved an entire data center from Long Island to New Jersey in less than 48 hours. It was flawless and is evidence of our paramount attention to detail.”
Barry Goldstein, Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group, ITsavvy


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