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savvyGuard® Managed Wireless

The Wireless Connection between Your Business and Peace of Mind

Connectivity is everything. When it’s slow, your business slows and productivity dips. When it’s down, your business is down while resources scramble to identify the problem and resolve the issue. When security protocols are not in place or up to date, your network – and your business – are vulnerable to security breaches. No matter how you look at it, there’s risk.

That’s where savvyGuard Managed Wireless comes in.

The ITsavvy Difference: Proactive Monitoring, Actionable Insight and Maintenance

savvyGuard Managed Wireless ensures that your wireless network environment – whether it’s a small to mid-size office or enterprise with multiple locations – is secure, up to date and operates efficiently 24/7.

This solution, which includes a suite of sophisticated tools, defined processes and specialized expertise, gives you confidence and peace of mind that:

  • Your network is managed effectively and securely
  • Potential wireless network issues are proactively identified and quickly resolved
  • Your wireless network is reliable and capable of supporting your business needs

savvyGuard Managed Wireless Delivers:

Monitoring with Actionable Insight and Reporting: ITsavvy monitors your wireless environment and alerts you to potential issues, events or activities that can impact your network. This may include remote or on-site support from an ITsavvy engineer an alternate means for access to the wireless environment.

You’ll receive actionable insight with detailed reporting that identifies activities that may impact overall wireless usability and response times, such as:

  • User and traffic utilization
  • Internet connectivity loss or failures in the system
  • High-bandwidth end user activities, such as who is connecting to what applications and when
  • User behavior to ensure adherence to your company’s network usage policies
  • Infrastructure analysis and evaluation

In addition to monitoring and reporting, we can work with you to establish or refine existing network usage policies to better protect your wireless environment and devices.

Maintenance: We’ve got you and your network covered. We’ll automatically apply the latest firmware and software updates during regularly scheduled maintenance windows, to ensure a stable, secure environment.

Choose savvyGuard Managed Wireless If You Want:

  • More productivity and efficiency. When the network is operating at peak efficiency, it’s business as usual for everyone.
  • Network stability and security. Identify and resolve issues quickly, while reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Confidence and peace of mind. Know that your wireless network environment is proactively managed, freeing you and your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Is savvyGuard Managed Wireless right for you?

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