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ITsavvy’s Tips for Choosing a Unified Communications Provider

July 30, 2012

ADDISON, IL—When upgrading communications systems, today’s goal is the unification of all devices onto a single consolidated platform. Unified Communications provides mobility and contact capabilities that extend to all devices a typical employee uses for business communications-in the workplace and far beyond.

Following are the top five considerations for choosing a Unified Communications provider:

1. Do they take the time to discover the client’s business drivers for upgrading the communications platform?

2. In addition to having the capacity to meet each client’s technical requirements, do they offer a solution customized to each client’s needs?

3. Does their solution provide a beneficial return-on-investment over a 10-year period?

4. Do they have an implementation and support staff that is experienced in data networking, in addition to telecommunications?

5. Can they provide a documented record of client satisfaction?

“Working with the client to find out their business drivers is most important,” explained Dennis Gorecki, ITsavvy’s Director of Unified Communications. “If these are not discussed, all you’re doing is buying replacement hardware and software. By discussing business drivers we can find out how our clients can better connect with their clients to improve satisfaction; how our clients can make their employees more productive; and how to keep staff more in touch when they are mobile.”

When industry leading Unified Communications providers, such as ITsavvy, engage with a client to review their requirements for a new Unified Communications platform they:

• Always inquire into why the client is making this change; how it will impact the client’s relationships; and how it can make the client’s employees more productive

• Have a thorough discussion about what the client wants the system to accomplish

• Discuss all of the client’s costs to purchase and support the system over a 10-year period rather than focus solely on upfront costs

• Prove expertise-for example, ITsavvy has a staff of Certified ShoreTel Implementation Team members that also have extensive data networking backgrounds

• Have a long list of satisfied clients that have documented their experiences in case studies

“Most of the time competitors just focus on the phones they sell and what features they provide,” Gorecki said. “They rarely look at how this solution will improve the client’s business. What ITsavvy does best is offer a complete solution and a relationship that goes beyond the current project. This is where the data networking experience of our engineering staff comes into play. We ensure that the underlying data network will support what they want to do in terms of Unified Communications.”

ITsavvy’s clients say that not only does ITsavvy offer the hardware, software and applications they need but they make sure it operates properly on their network. Clients such as one of the largest truck manufacturers in the U.S. are eager to talk about their satisfaction with the implementation, end result, ROI, and continued Unified Communications-related service ITsavvy provides. See the case study.

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