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ITsavvy’s COVID-19 Readiness

We are closely monitoring this fluid situation and taking the necessary steps to prepare for developing COVID-19 scenarios. We are minimizing health risks for our employees, our clients, and ensuring the prevention of our facilities from becoming transmission sites. We continue our unwavering commitment to our clients and fulfilling ITsavvy’s mission to realizing Peace of Mind by providing outstanding engineering services, managed support, infrastructure services, and fast delivery of computer hardware throughout this time.

Business Continuity

ITsavvy has implemented our business continuity plan which includes work from home policies to help ensure our clients and our teams are protected.

Managed and Cloud Services

For clients on our savvyGuard, savvyPrint, and savvyCloud infrastructure and managed services support, we do not expect any degradation in service delivery. ITsavvy will be open and we will continue our operational functions for proactive management, monitoring and issue remediation services, these functions will continue normally, 24 x 7 x 365. We will be taking all service requests via phone and email, just as we normally do.  ITsavvy Engineers and NOC Associates are able to work from anywhere using our secure and protected infrastructure, tools and technologies. Most of our resources have been supplied with disinfecting wipes for use before and after they service a device, machine, or piece of equipment. Additionally, for use on any hard surfaces around the device they use to place parts, tools, etc. We are in the process of replenishing supplies to continue this practice at least for the next three months.

Hosted & Data Center Services

In regards to hosted services we offer through our data center facilities, ITsavvy is fully prepared and continuing to take all necessary steps to ensure there are no service interruptions to any of our clients. We fully understand in times like these, our clients in heavily regulated and critical industries depend on 100% uptime more than ever.

We would like to stress that we are prepared for these types of situations whether it be inclement weather, natural disasters or national emergencies. We pride ourselves in the ability to be flexible and maintain our services regardless of the emergency situation.

Tips For Success

Here are some tips and areas of caution and concern we recommend to you to help ensure the strongest level of continuity for your own organization:

  • This is an opportunistic time for undesirable behavior. Individuals are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to create email phishing scams and introduce malicious activity in client infrastructure. Please be careful with what emails you open and the links you click.
  • Take advantage of technologies that support remote workforce capabilities, if you aren’t already. Connect with your Client Executive if you are not currently able to take complete advantage, or desire advanced engineering support to realize benefits of those solutions.
  • If you are not on contract with savvyGuard, or have specialized or developing needs that exceed current capabilities, contact your Client Executive so we can work with you to help address and managed service requirements you may have.
  • Most importantly, take care of yourself and your teams.

Our trusted infrastructure, operations, engineering and support teams have been well-tested to conduct continuous support during this time and ensure there are no service interruptions to any of our clients.

If you have questions on any of the above or items that were not covered, please direct them to or setup a time to speak with your Client Executive.

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