ITsavvy Spotlight: Kit Schmierer

Celebrating International Women’s Month

ITsavvy celebrates and recognizes the amazing contributions of women on our Team.

Kit Schmierer, Regional Vice President, Sales, Eastern RegionKit Schmierer at IT event

Kit has been instrumental in the growth of ITsavvy since our inception in 2004 and was our 6th employee hired and our very first remote hire.

In 4 short years Kit was promoted to Regional Sales Manager in 2008. Her first initiative was to create a business plan to hire a remote workforce–a first for ITsavvy and the industry at large. She successfully navigated technology speed bumps such as AOL Instant Messenger, the broadband network revolution, and the Blackberry! 

Kit’s innovative telecommuting strategy was an enormous success and created our current template for ITsavvy. In 2015 Kit was promoted to Regional Vice President, Sales, Eastern Region.

“ITsavvy has given me the opportunity to be an integral part of our organization’s development. Working closely with leadership, I continue to love what I do and do what I love.” –Kit Schmierer

ITsavvy technology sales award Prior to joining ITsavvy, Kit built a successful 15-year career in technology sales. While at Global Computer/Systemax, she was the #1 sales rep out of 250 nationwide for 12 consecutive years. At Global Computer/Systemax, Kit designed and developed a rewards program called The President’s Club in which she was an award recipient every year. 

Kit now oversees an expanded territory that includes the entire Eastern seaboard that represents 30% of the company’s total sales. She fosters her high-performing team by being supportive of their individual and professional goals, helping them succeed within ITsavvy’s culture of excellence and dedication.