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ITsavvy: BYOD Now About a Lot More than Security

May 15, 2013

Addison, IL—ITsavvy reports that, while the trend toward allowing employees to access company data, software and functionality through the policy of “bring your own device” (BYOD) is not new, ensuring that BYOD operates in a secure environment that is also efficient and fair is becoming the new standard.

In addition to basic data security, common issues for companies that incorporate BYOD include policy enforcement, liability, licensing, insurance, confidentiality, privacy, surveillance and tracking. Other BYOD issues include:

Uniformity and Compatibility: It’s best to support BYODs that are compatible with the organization’s existing providers, i.e. Apples-to-Apples. This can be accomplished by posting a list of approved devices that employees can use. Dan Mekstan, ITsavvy client executive, explained, “For example, some companies have policies in place for IOS platforms but not Android devices. It is hard to tell people they can bring their devices and then have to renege. It’s better to be upfront from the start.”

Application Deployment: Assuming the organization has developed applications that will only deploy on certain mobile devices, only BYODs that can run those applications should be allowed.

Service Availability: Best to only allow BYODs that are supported by product and service providers that operate within the organization’s geographic area. This makes it easy for ongoing service and/or follow-up. This doesn’t necessarily mean onsite visits; a good service provider will also be able to monitor devices and solve problems remotely.

Central Management: It’s crucial to have primary network management software that enables automatic patches and updates across the entire company, including the BYOD network. “There should also be a network administrator or network engineer that has the power to control usage and provide consistent enforcement of corporate policy,” Mekstan said.

So how to choose a good BYOD program development and management partner? Organizations should look for a company that offers products from a variety of BYOD-friendly leaders, such as Aerohive Networks, Aruba, Meraki and Netgear. A comprehensive network monitoring service is also crucial. “We have an in house staff that functions as the IT eyes and ears for our clients,” Mekstan said. “We thoroughly monitor each client’s BYOD environment for blips and outages, with both remote and onsite remediation.” He also advises asking for a product and/or service trial.

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