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ITsavvy, Big Data Needs Smart Data Storage Solutions

May 23, 2013

Addison, IL—ITsavvy experts say that big data analytics is more than a hot trend, it’s here to stay. This is partly because affordable analysis tools are now within the financial reach of most businesses and also because organizations have been collecting data for years, but are just learning how to leverage it through analysis.

Big data analytics not only directly improves products and services, but it also offers insight into customer behavior that can provide the basis for better products and services. By algorithmically analyzing data and formulating it into useful spreadsheets, graphics and targeted software, businesses are gaining an advantage.

Big data needs to be managed, archived, and protected over the long term as cost effectively as possible. According to Nate Farris, systems engineer manager for ITsavvy’s Advanced Solutions Group, there are four basic considerations that go into accomplishing this:

Relative Advantages of SAN (Block) vs. NAS Storage
SAN or block storage provides better performance for structured data and for server and application performance. The NAS file structure provides better performance for unstructured data and scale-out file sharing. Big data analytics can mean different things depending on the size, capabilities, and industry of the client. But a good engineering team is ready and able to help analyze and consult on the best way for its clients to reach their goals.

The Advantages of Solid State Drives and Their Compatibility with Legacy Systems
The advantages of solid state include high data accessing speed (IOPS) with a small form factor. The ability to add SSD drives to an existing infrastructure could greatly extend the life and usefulness of the existing investment, without having to remove and replace the entire infrastructure.

The Best Auto-Tiering Storage Hierarchy for Big Data
Every client’s needs are unique, but generally 60% NL-SAS, 30% SAS, and 10% SSD is a good start. Whether that data should remain constantly in a certain tier, how often it should be moved, and what the specifics of the tiering strategy are will depend on the data and how it is used. This is another area where an expert big data storage solution provider will be crucial.

Accommodations Users Need To Make Now For Future Expandability
Current infrastructure analysis and growth rate identification are an important start. Planning for an ingest of large quantities of data that will need to be analyzed is also important. Clients need to know where they will be in 3-5 years in order to be able to address the storage situation proactively. A reactive approach will mean more work and money in the long term.

“There are many more factors that go into designing the best storage architecture for big data,” Farris said. “Even some people with a relatively good knowledge of technology will miss critically important aspects. This is why the advice of an experienced solution provider with access to a number of relevant options is essential.”

Jason Kubian, client executive for ITsavvy, added, “Look for a reliable storage provider that has a lot of experience with big data solutions. These are not simple systems to design. The needs of each client are different and there are many, many considerations that are involved in designing, implementing and managing the correct solution.”

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