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ITsavvy Announces Complete IT Lifecycle Management Solution

August 5, 2016

ADDISON, Ill.—ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing IT products and technology solution providers in the U.S., just announced the rollout of IT Lifecycle Management–a no-cost service to manage each client’s hardware assets, software licenses/subscriptions, existing warranty support as well as any service contracts within the client organization–from design, procurement and deployment to maintenance, decommissioning and final disposal. Although ITsavvy has been providing these services for clients–including Fortune 500 companies–for many years, this marks the official rollout of the service as a value-add for existing clients. ITsavvy’s IT Lifecycle Management team tracks licenses and warranties; negotiates and renews contracts; and provides analytics that help clients plan and budget for replacements and upgrades and maintain expenditure transparency. For software assets, ITsavvy ensures that clients are complying with licensing usage, that versions are up to date, and that contracts have been negotiated favorably. For hardware assets, ITsavvy tracks the products along the lifecycle, providing strategies for upgrading or replacing as warranty or end of life nears. ITsavvy partners with clients for the long term, supporting them with every aspect of their IT infrastructure, from the layout of an initial technology roadmap, all the way to the refresh and decommission process. Services include:
  • Identifying and tracking all hardware and software solution components, includinglocation, number of assets and users,type of asset, manufacturer, model/serial number.
  • Maintaining advanced partner-level vendor relationships for continual access to proactive support and alerts that will ensure business continuity and product assurance.
  • Helping clients bundle and negotiate contracts for optimum cost savings: ITsavvy leverages its own vendor partnerships and bundled services to reduce contract costs, ensure licensing doesn’t lapse and improve the speed of the negotiation process.
  • Providing monthly and quarterly reports that help with asset decision making, including reports and alerts on asset inventory, updates, warranties, end of life, lease expiration.
Chris Kurpeikis, ITsavvy’s Executive Vice President said, “The IT operation is moving from a contained datacenter to a diversified infrastructure. Complex IT environments make it difficult to monitor the life of IT assets manually. We offer this as a free service to help companies improve asset reliability, streamline procurement and enable strategic planning.” Through IT Lifecycle Management, ITsavvy brings systemization to the table. For example, the company will examine contracts for every IT asset that the client already owns and create a common date for all renewals. This also helps clients analyze what they currently have, determine what they really need and budget for upcoming costs.

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