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ITsavvy Announces Best Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) and Business Continuity Solutions

March 15, 2017

ADDISON, Ill. — ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing technology solution providers in the U.S., just announced a leading-edge Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution designed to limit or eliminate business interruptions in the event of a catastrophe. The DRaaS solution is cloud-based replication of data on shared virtual servers hosted by ITsavvy. This ensures failover in the event of an internally or externally caused disaster. According to Gartner research, by 2018 the number of organizations using DRaaS will outnumber those using traditional recovery services. This is due in part to increasing reliance on application and data availability, which are often mission-critical and can have a direct impact on business performance. Gartner goes on to cite a key finding: The wide array of DRaaS provider options can be overwhelming, making side-by-side comparisons difficult. ITsavvy offers a more holistic approach by combining DRaaS with Backup as a Service (BaaS), Virtual Infrastructure (IaaS), Virtual Desktop (VDI/DaaS), managed network, and several cloud options including public, private, hybrid and colocation. When combined with ITsavvy’s business continuity solutions that restore infrastructure, DRaaS protects mission-critical applications and efficiently reestablishes operations. ITsavvy’s disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are for organizations that:
  • Have facilities in locations prone to weather catastrophes.
  • Must meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SAS70 or ISO standards.
  • Have been tasked by senior leadership to develop a disaster recovery plan.
  • Have lost confidence in their ability to recover and restore data.
ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “We work with organizations that are in the initial stages of developing a disaster mitigation strategy as well as those that are panicked because they’ve already suffered a loss of data. That’s not the best of scenarios. The good news is that we have state-of-the-art disaster recovery tools that can keep the business operating.” ITsavvy’s expertise in DRaaS and a comprehensive discovery process that matches individual needs with the perfect solution are primary advantages for their clients. Hybrid solutions that combine onsite and virtualized storage are increasingly popular but present a higher level of complexity. ITsavvy’s engineers, who have advanced certifications in backup and disaster recovery, understand how to integrate cloud solutions with legacy environments. Partners include industry leaders Dell EMC, Veeam, VMware, Axcient, Unitrends, Datto, and Zerto. “Pure and simple, we believe all organizations should have a comprehensive disaster strategy that positions them to respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively,” Theriault said.

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