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Extending the Life of Chromebooks for Schools—ITsavvy Solution Proves Critical for Remote Learning

January 28, 2021

ADDISON, Ill.—ITsavvy, one of the fastest growing complete technology solution providers in the U.S., was able to extend the life of the entire Chromebooks inventory during a critical time for one major metropolitan school district.

With 11 schools and about 3,500 students, the client is the 10th largest school district in one of the largest U.S. cities. The district had always relied heavily on its inventory of 4,000 HP and Lenovo Chromebooks—but never more so than when the COVID pandemic struck. Nearly overnight, it became imperative that students have access to all of those Chromebooks for remote learning.

The problem was, while some of the district’s Chromebooks were relatively new, others were nearing the end of the support period and badly in need of repair. As some older Chromebooks began failing, it became clear that replacing them would be both economically and logistically prohibitive; everyone wanted Chromebooks during the pandemic and manufacturers couldn’t keep up.

The only solution that made sense was to find a way to significantly extend the lives of all existing devices, even those approaching or passing the end of the support period.

The client explained, “We needed a way to keep our existing Chromebooks in service even though they were getting old and starting to fail. What we wanted was to establish a program of continual, regularly scheduled Chromebook repair.”

The district devised a strategy that would meet the challenge. Instead of beginning a lengthy and costly investment program for new Chromebooks, they decided to create an ongoing repair program for all of their Chromebooks. Once they made the decision, the next step was to find a company that could actually handle the project. After vetting a number of companies, the district decided on ITsavvy.

The client explained, “Having worked on multiple projects with ITsavvy in the past, we were confident they had the resources, the knowledge and, most important, the professionalism to keep the repair program running.”

ITsavvy understood the problem and developed the best team to handle the job. The most important part of the project was creating and deploying a perfectly operating repair and return chain. Each week ITsavvy’s team would pick up the Chromebooks that needed repair and drop off the repaired Chromebooks. These repair services extended to:

  • Internal Wi-Fi receivers
  • Cracked screens
  • Inoperable keyboards
  • Unresponsive touchpads
  • Dead batteries
  • System boards and more

Rob Ince, ITsavvy’s Senior Director, Managed Print Services, Managed Services and Cloud Solutions, said “One of the reasons this worked so well is that ITsavvy understands the value of dependable follow through. Many other companies could have handled the job from a technical standpoint. However this project’s success was due in large part to the fact that we were there, without fail, every week doing our job.”

The client concurred, “What was most impressive was how quickly ITsavvy was able to develop and automate the process—flawlessly on schedule, every week.”

Benefits to the district include the assurance that all students have access to remote learning and maximum payback on capital investments in Chromebooks.

The client summarized, “The program had one core goal: to keep working Chromebooks in the hands of all our students. We achieved that completely. But it was also a learning experience for us; it’s great to know we can successfully leverage our technology investments over time with a partner as dependable as ITsavvy.”

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