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Your management and your users are driving you to virtualize. We’ll get you there.

Events you can’t recover from. New applications you can’t roll out fast enough. Growth that your current environment can’t sustain. We hear that a lot.

Virtualization will solve these and other issues, but you probably can’t do it alone. We’ve got the experts for you.

ITsavvy partners with industry leaders for application, network and server virtualization projects.

Need Virtualization? Let’s get started.

The ITsavvy Difference

Industry-leading Partners
You’ll have access to state-of-the-art solutions from the leading virtualization vendors like VMware, HP, Dell, Citrix and EMC.

Converged Business & Technology
We spend time upfront understanding your strategic and operational needs, then translate them into efficient technology solutions that are within your budget constraints.

Virtualization Expertise
Our engineers have real-life experience in enterprise, small to mid-sized businesses (SMB), and small-office/home-office (SOHO) IT operations. We’ve seen it all and can handle even the most challenging environments.

Vendor Neutrality
We work with multiple vendors so that you will receive the solution that best fits your needs, or we’ll custom-design one just for you.

You’ll get one virtualization team that will follow your entire project, from consultation and diagnostics to architecture and deployment.

One-call Client Support
Your ITsavvy Client Executive is a call, email or text away with one-on-one product advice or solution support.

Hosted Cloud Desktop
Reduce TCO, onboard new employees faster and offer secure remote access with savvyDesktop, our hosted cloud desktop solution.

ITsavvy Virtualization Solutions Give You:

Strategic Time
Separation of hardware and software allows you to focus on workloads and applications instead of hardware limitations.

Business Continuity
The results of hardware failures are minimized when your software can route around problems and spin up in another location. Your recovery times will go from days or hours down to minutes. And virtualization gives you options to develop more robust business continuity and disaster recovery programs.

Rapid Innovation & Scaling
Virtualization enables DevOps, which helps you deliver a new service to users more efficiently. Provisioning will go from weeks to a day or less, enabling you to add new applications, scale up or down, or quickly shift priorities.

Lower OpEx
Automation of mundane tasks reduces OpEx costs. A software-defined data center frees up your IT staff for more value-added project work.

Lower CapEx
Workloads and applications are no longer tied to a physical piece of hardware or geographic location. They can be developed on a cloud platform without CapEx expenditures, moved in-house when rolled out for production, then expanded to a hybrid mix of on-prem and cloud resources as needed.

Endpoint Security
Virtualization enables mobility and BYOD while retaining control over security authorities.

Cloud Hosting
With our savvyDesktop solution, the underlying physical hardware that supports a DaaS service is set up and maintained by the cloud provider, saving deployment costs, maintenance time, and CapEx. And you benefit from the security of offsite data centers.

ITsavvy Virtualization Services

We partner with the leading Virtualization vendors to offer a range of solutions, including:

• vSphere and vCloud Suite

• ConvergedSystem for EVO:RAIL

• PowerEdge FX and Engineered solutions for EVO:RAIL


• XenServer


• HyperV

Need Anything Else?

Virtualization clients often purchase these products:

> Virtualization Software

> Microsoft Azure

> Microsoft Hyper-V

> Cisco Desktop Virtualization

> Citrix XenServer

> Microsoft Virtual PC

Sure, we have next-gen IT solutions. But we also offer more IT products and faster delivery.
Watch how we do it.

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We Also Recommend

Clients often augment Virtualization with these solutions:

> Cabling Services

> Wireless

> savvyGuard®

> Data Center Solutions

> Colocation

> Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

> Storage

> Backup

> IT Lifecycle Management

You need IT expertise. We’ve got IT experts. Here’s where you’ll gain IT product and solution guidance, see what’s trending and learn how to leverage technology for business value and strategy. Sound good?