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You’re juggling network connectivity, availability and security. We can make it easier.

Users demand BYOD and mobility, but management demands endpoint security. SLAs are getting tighter, but you can’t meet mandatory uptime metrics. You’ve got some network issues.

ITsavvy partners with industry leaders to give you the latest network technologies along with high levels of security, availability and performance.

Need Networking? Let’s get started.

The ITsavvy Difference

Industry-leading Partners
We partner with networking powerhouses like HP, Cisco, Brocade, Mellanox Technologies and Dell.

Our certified engineers have hands-on expertise in wired as well as wireless networks. We can work on emerging technologies and your legacy environment.

Vendor Neutrality
We work with multiple vendors so that you will receive the solution that best fits your needs, or we’ll custom-design one just for you.

You’ll get a single Networking team that will follow your entire project, from consultation and diagnostics to architecture and deployment. No third-party hand-offs.

Problem Remediation
Your network performance problems can be diagnosed by our engineers remotely or onsite. We’ll design a tailored, component-level or system-level solution that can be tested and confirmed upfront in our Demo Lab before it is deployed.

One-call Client Support
Your ITsavvy Client Executive is a call, email or text away with one-on-one product advice or solution support.

ITsavvy Networking Solutions Give You:

Improved Productivity
Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions improve productivity of the IT staff and users.

Better Resource Allocation
Automate many of the tasks that were originally time-consumers, and reallocate staff resources to more value-added projects.

Improved Security
With built-in security support for Layers 1 through 3, you can use Software Defined Networking to tighten up your network and eliminate the need for expensive security solutions.

User Satisfaction
End complaints about sluggish network performance caused by BYOD and streaming that are eating up bandwidth and straining your entire infrastructure.

SLA Compliance
Gain confidence that you can hit mandatory performance definitions established in your SLAs.

Secure end Points
Establish end-to-end controls to define access, traffic and filtering.

Flexibility and Scalability
Simplify modifications that used to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Virtual networking can centralize management and facilitate changes easily.

Reduced Downtime
Perform upgrades with ease. Monitor and act on downtimes quickly and efficiently.

ITsavvy Networking Services

We partner with the leading Virtualization vendors to offer a range of solutions, including:

• Industry-leading partners like HP, Cisco, Brocade, Mellanox Technologies and Dell

• Comprehensive network assessment

• Installation and configuration of SSL VPN

• Implementation of firewalls, routers and switches

• Design of redundant network infrastructure

• Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies

• Optimization of network traffic flow

• Deployment of enterprise routing and failover of WAN circuits

• Installation and configuration of firewalls

• Optimization of unified threat features

• Design of enterprise LAN architecture

• Design of enterprise data center solutions

• Design and implementation of wireless solutions

• Implementation of security strategies

• Deployment of IP telephony

• Training and support

Need Anything Else?

Networking clients often purchase these products:

> Networking Workstations

> Managed Switches

> Security Routers

> Secure Wireless

> Network Security

> Network Cables

> Transceivers and Multiplexers

> Video Conferencing

Sure, we have next-gen IT solutions. But we also offer more IT products and faster delivery.
Watch how we do it.

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We Also Recommend

Clients often augment Networking with these solutions:

> Cybersecurity

> savvyGuard®

> Storage

> Backup

> Configuration Lab

> Systems Architecture

> IT Lifecycle Management

You need IT expertise. We’ve got IT experts. Here’s where you’ll gain IT product and solution guidance, see what’s trending and learn how to leverage technology for business value and strategy. Sound good?