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Network Assessment & Discovery

Do you know what resides on your network? How is your LAN designed? How is your WAN designed?

What you don’t know, you can’t address. ITsavvy will assist you in answering all of your questions about your network and beyond.

We will audit your network to insure all devices are working properly and to their fullest capacity. Once documented we will review in full detail our findings with your staff. This documentation is not a simple spreadsheet, but a robust, powerful tool to use and reference long into the future. It will identify IP and MAC addresses of all servers, pc’s and peripheral equipment residing in your organization.

Your organization will gain tremendous insight into how things are actually functioning which will eliminate the guess work when trying to assess a specific issue.

The benefits and rewards of this assessment include:

• Speed resolution by eliminating the need to recreate problems

• Risk reduction by capturing before and after snapshots of the network

• Improvement in efficiency by conducting packet analysis locally

• Investigating network policy violations

• Compliance with mandates by archiving communications

• Recapturing of lost communications with instant replay capabilities

• Capability of generating company reports which show actionable intelligence

There is never a good time to go through the task of performing a network assessment and discovery. However, when it is too late you and your company will regret that you hadn’t done so.

ITsavvy can liberate you from continuously trouble shooting network issues, allowing you to invest your time and energy into your business while we unearth issues preventing you from becoming more profitable.

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