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You need imaging or configuration services. We’ve got your technicians. Let’s get started.

To begin, click on the “Imaging Request” or “Hardware Configuration Request” tabs to the right.

Why we need this information
These questions are designed to give our technicians specific information they need to ensure accuracy.

Who should provide the information
We find that the most appropriate person to complete these forms is the creator or owner of the image.

How to ensure privacy
We understand you may need to restrict what ITsavvy can see in your image. Please indicate any restrictions or limited access you desire. This will instruct us how to check or verify your image for accuracy while protecting your intellectual property.

How to submit the form
Click on the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of each form when finished.

Best way to transfer files
Uploading files to ITsavvy’s FTP site is the best and safest way to transfer files to us. Click to download FTP Site Instructions.

We are on it!

We received your request for our imaging or hardware configuration services. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us very soon.

Your Client Executive will be your dedicated contact point for any questions you might have. If we have any questions, your client executive will contact you. Thank you for entrusting ITsavvy with your imaging or configuration project.

FTP Site Info

FTP Instructions
Click to download

ITsavvy FTP Site
IP Address

Configuration Lab Contact Info

630.396.6300 Ext. 6077



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