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Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions

IT operations like yours are looking to the cloud to transform how they deliver services to their users. They recognize the cloud’s ability to reduce costs while improving reliability and efficiency. But which workloads should you migrate? Do you transform your data center completely offsite or keep some of it on-premise? Or do you want to move from one cloud to another?

Because no two organizations are alike, ITsavvy offers Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions.

Here’s what you need to know about your cloud options.

Public Cloud from ITsavvy

What is Public Cloud?

Gain the storage and computing power of the big cloud but with ITsavvy’s one-on-one service. We provide your gateway to AWS and Microsoft Azure on a server or servers that you share with other users. You gain the cost-economy and speed of the big cloud, but you call ITsavvy’s US-based technical team if you need support. We answer your call 24x7x365.

Why would you opt for Public Cloud?
  1. You want on-demand capabilities that allow you to spin up or spin down computing resources quickly.
  2. You want to expand your computing capabilities without need for CapEx spend.
  3. You require long-term storage, cyclical data & applications, mission-critical data & applications, and testing environments.
  4. You have short-term data storage needs.
  5. You would like to become more “green” and reduce the carbon footprint of your data center.

What are the benefits of Public Cloud from ITsavvy?
  1. We offer the option of migrating one application or all of your data and applications to a public cloud. It can be very specific or on a very grand scale.
  2. You pay for the cloud resources you use, with the ability to increase or decrease as needed.
  3. If you require support, you call our US-based technical team and avoid the cost and frustration of traditional ticket-based service contracts.
  4. We offer the economies of scale built in to a shared cloud environment.
  5. We can reduce the time and cost of procuring, deploying, configuring and managing data center components.
  6. We can provide 24x7x365 management and monitoring with our savvyGuard solution.

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Private Cloud from ITsavvy

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud from ITsavvy delivers big cloud computing power behind a dedicated firewall. You establish a fixed cloud capacity and pay monthly for a dedicated SAN (Storage Area Network) that ITsavvy monitors and manages.

Why would you opt for Private Cloud?
  1. You want to take advantage of cloud computing capabilities and reliability, but you want the security and control of dedicated cloud systems behind your own firewall.
  2. You may want to ensure you meet specific data storage or industry compliance requirements, or you need to store and process sensitive data or tasks. This is important because some public clouds are not compliant for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley or PCI.
  3. You are concerned about over-utilization of a shared server by other users. You want the control of hardware that is dedicated to your needs.
  4. You have data and/or applications on a shared public cloud, and you wish to migrate it to a private cloud for improved privacy, compliance or security.

What are the benefits of Private Cloud from ITsavvy?
  1. We are experts at data migration, cloud implementation & integration, and cloud program management.
  2. We can guide the client to the most appropriate cloud provider and data center.
  3. We offer IT Lifecycle Management to track asset warranties, subscriptions and contracts.
  4. We offer the option of designing the physical layout and can provide additional services including Structured Cabling.

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Hybrid Cloud from ITsavvy

What is Hybrid Cloud?

You may not be ready to move your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. A Hybrid Cloud provides any combination of Public Cloud and Private Cloud, colocation or on-premise storage and computing capabilities. It allows some data and applications to be handled in-house and some virtualized offsite.

Why would you opt for Hybrid Cloud?
  1. You may want to move some content to the cloud, but you have one or more legacy solutions that are too complex to migrate.
  2. You want to maintain some sensitive or mission-critical applications and data outside of public cloud environments.
  3. You are concerned that specific applications may be impacted by shared cloud latency. We’ll help you identify which solution will produce the best cost/performance outcomes.
  4. You want the flexibility and availability of additional cloud resources in the event of a disaster.
  5. You want to modernize your data center in phases.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Cloud from ITsavvy?
  1. We have the holistic knowledge to ensure your entire IT operation works as a single IT environment.
  2. ITsavvy’s on-staff data center expertise can help you resolve specific challenges such as multiple locations or legacy applications.
  3. Our vendor agnostic approach ensures you are receiving the highest-performing and most cost-effective solutions.
  4. We are sensitive to compliance regulations and can help ensure that you are within industry requirements.
  5. We offer additional options like Colocation and savvyCloud (our managed cloud solution).

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The ITsavvy Difference

We understand having so many options can be overwhelming. That’s why we have on-staff expertise at every stage along the journey. Our Solutions Architects will guide you toward the right-sized solution. Then our certified engineers will support your data migration and solution implementation process. On the backend, we outperform the industry on our service and support and access to certified engineers.

We listen. Then deliver results.

Many organizations rely on ITsavvy to help them make the best Cloud Solutions decisions possible.

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Need Anything Else?

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud clients often purchase these products:

> Virtual SPAM Filter

> Virtual Firewall

> Microsoft Office 365

> SolarWinds Traffic Analyzer

> Virtual Switches

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Clients often augment Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud with these solutions:

> savvyGuard®

> savvyMail®

> savvyDesktop®

> savvyBackup®


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