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It doesn’t take much to realize how fragile your IT operation can be in the face of a business-stopping event. Business continuity is more than just data backup and recovery. We now talk about business continuity in terms of IT resilience, which is the convergence of disaster recovery and IT service and data availability strategies.

ITsavvy supports IT resilience with two offsite data centers and access to dozens of highly-vetted data centers throughout the world. Here are the answers to FAQs about our data centers.

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Why would I need an offsite Data Center?

You want to reduce costs. In-house servers are often sized for the heaviest workloads and most often run at well under capacity, which costs energy, takes up floor space and requires manpower to manage and maintain.

Your servers are nearing maximum capacity. If you are running out of server space, it is often more economical to expand offsite vs. expand your onsite footprint.

You lack dedicated Data Center expertise. Gone are the single-vendor data center. Today you are more likely to have components from four or more vendors, requiring extensive in-house expertise that can be beyond your staffing means. Shift the responsibility for backups, archiving and updates to an offsite provider.

You need to meet regulatory compliance. Some industries stipulate that you maintain specific data access (eDiscovery) or data storage requirements in order to avoid fines. A combination of offsite/onsite cloud solutions can give you the recovery point objective (RPO) that you need.

You want more data backup options. You can automate your backup solutions with variable snapshots and options of encryption of data at rest and in-transit.

You want to shift from CapEx to OpEx. Some offsite data center options let you combine resources with other clients so there is no upfront hardware expenditures and no ongoing maintenance and energy costs.

You want to improve data availability. Separating your IT resources from your day-to-day business operations, especially with “Need + 1” (N+1) redundant strategies, can help ensure business continuity in response to a natural or manmade event.

What Data Centers does ITsavvy operate?

ITsavvy operates two of our own data centers, but we have access to unlimited data centers around the world. Our clients have told us they do not want offsite data centers in the heart of a large city, so we have selected facilities that are a secure distance from major metropolitan areas but can be readily accessible to our data center engineers for hands-on work when needed.

Cedar Knolls, NJ: We host and manage dedicated space in this Tier 3 data center. The facility is a 50,000 SQF purpose-built structure located outside of Manhattan and is situated well above FEMA’s 500-year flood plain. It has multiple 2N and (N+1) redundant power and cooling systems, 24x7x365 security with triple factor authentication and multi-factor biometric scanning & card reader cage access. The facility is SSAE 16 & SOC audited, HIPAA & HITECH compliant, and PCI DSS 3.0 compliant.

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Oak Brook, IL: We host and manage dedicated space in this Tier 3 data center. The facility is a 147,000 SQF purpose-built structure located outside of Chicago and is a Zone 1 earthquake-rated reinforced structure. It has multiple 2N and (N+1) power and climate control systems. It has 24×7 monitoring and security and extensive digital recording. Secure entrances include mantraps, biometrics, key card access, memorized data point and multi-factor authentication. The facility is SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 audited, and HIPAA and PCI compliant.

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Additional facilities: We partner with data center hosts that operate 20 facilities in Central U.S., 18 facilities along the East Coast, 12 facilities on the West Coast, and facilities in Canada, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. These include facilities with rare Tier 4 ratings. We have vetted these partners and have specifically selected them because of their high standards of practice.

What do Data Center tier levels mean?

The Telecommunications Industry Association defines four levels (tiers) of data center capabilities.

Tier 1: A basic server room, with single, non-redundant distribution path and components. Expected availability: 99.671% with 28 hours of acceptable downtime per year.

Tier 2: All of the Tier 1 capabilities plus a redundant infrastructure. Expected availability: 99.741% with 22 hours of acceptable downtime per year.

Tier 3: All of the Tier 2 capabilities plus multiple independent distribution paths, dual-powered and fully-compatible architecture, and concurrently maintainable site infrastructure. Expected availability: 99.982% with 1.5 hours of acceptable downtime per year.

Tier 4: All of the Tier 3 capabilities plus all cooling equipment and HVAC is independently dual-powered, and fault-tolerant site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities. Expected availability: 99.995% with 26 minutes of acceptable downtime per year.

What carriers can I connect with?

Our data center facilities offer a vast selection of carrier connections including all of the leading national carriers (AT&T, Verizon), cloud services like AWS, and many regional carriers. It’s just a short cable hop and you are connected directly to their networks.

Who are ITsavvy’s Data Center certified partners?

For hardware, we partner with HPE, Cisco, Pure Storage, EMC, Dell Raritan, NetApp, Barracuda, Unitrends, Citrix, QNAP and Axcient. We utilize software from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix. It’s important to note that we have technical staff who are certified to work on the leading data center equipment, with specialized expertise in storage, backup and disaster recovery.

Our own Data Centers include the following devices:
  • Servers from Cisco and HP
  • Switches from Cisco
  • Firewalls from Cisco and Barracuda
  • Backup and recovery appliances from Unitrends
  • Storage and flash arrays from Dell EMC, NetApp and Pure Storage
  • Networking hardware from Citrix

How could ITsavvy support my Data Center?

ITsavvy offers Data Center Solutions to augment your in-house team with our vendor-certified proficiency. Solutions may include:

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Data Center Solutions clients often purchase these products:

> Switches

> Routers

> Storage

> Servers

> Security

> SPAM Filters

> Rack Equipment

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