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The future of Wi-Fi is intelligent wireless networking. ITsavvy delivers that with Aruba Central.

It’s our go-to solution for simple, secure and cost-effective management of access points and switches, even if you oversee multiple locations. And your users will have Wi-Fi where they need it. But that’s not all.

Aruba Central gives you:

Centralized dashboard. Manage the networks of multiple businesses, branches locations, departments and silos from a single dashboard, with the ability to report metrics and assign costs any way you’d like.

Smartphone management. Log in to the Aruba Central app to monitor and troubleshoot your entire operation from your mobile device, anywhere and anytime.

Customizable guest access. Add on a license to greet guest users with a branded login page that you control with pre-established access policies.

Presence analytics. Opt for the ability to measure traffic outside and inside each location to influence staffing, promotion, merchandizing and signage decisions.

Aruba Central from ITsavvy

Getting the right balance of wireless coverage and security is an art and science that ITsavvy has perfected.

Discovery. We begin by asking and listening. We want to learn about your wireless challenges, user complaints, guest policies, BYOD initiatives, streaming needs, security requirements, system management capabilities, and more.

Design. We use multiple methods and analytics to determine proper coverage and wireless capacity for each of your facilities. We make sure it will work for you now and as you grow.

Deployment. Our certified wireless team performs configurations and tests signals in rooms, hallways and corners.

Documentation. We are committed to thorough knowledge transfer, providing you with complete system documentation.

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Let’s start the conversation with a phone consultation. If you’d like, we can generate a complimentary Predictive Heat Map to identify your current Wi-Fi hot spots and sink holes. Then we’ll come up with a strategy to bring your users Wi-Fi where they need it.

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Learn more about Aruba Wi-Fi from ITsavvy in this OnDemand webinar: “How to Improve Mobility In a Digital Workforce”

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