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We’re often asked to lend our insight on all things IT, from industry trends to advice for the CIO. Here are some of our most recent media features.

You’ve got the vision. ITsavvy makes it happen.

If you still think organizations are transitioning to the cloud, ITsavvy thinks you’ve got it all wrong. Most organizations have already embraced the cloud, either in total or in part. Today, it is the cloud providers who are in transition. To be competitive, cloud providers need to offer their clients more options, better support and improved control. Here’s how ITsavvy does it best. […]

As seen in The HIA-LI Reporter: Using IT Professional Services to Respond to 2017 Business Challenges

In a recent survey, small and mid-sized business owners ranked security as a top technology concern. That’s not surprising. The number of data breaches reported in 2016 was up 40% from the previous year, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center. Data breaches can expose your corporate, employee and customer data with a simple click on an infected link. We use a number of tools that to identify vulnerabilities in policies and infrastructure, and even simulate a hacker trying to break into the systems. Once you know your threat position, you can work with an IT partner who has specific security expertise to develop a robust security strategy. […]

How to make the business case for Managed Print Services

We hear this a lot: a CIO or IT Director recognizes the high cost and manpower associated with their print operation, but they struggle to make the business case for Managed Print. There are a lot of invisible costs of print that need to be considered. Here are nine steps to help you identify the critical costs in support of your proposal to outsource your print operation. […]

As heard on Wintrust Business Lunch Podcast

Our Executive Vice President Chris Kurpeikis is interviewed by Ilyce Glink on WGN’s Wintrust Business Lunch. Chris talks about the importance of a disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes and how Managed Services can be your 24×7 lifeline (interview begins at 21:12) […]

As seen in Enterprise Services Outlook Magazine’s Top 25 Most Recommended Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution Providers

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast hard, and many of the businesses surrounding ITsavvy’s Long Island office went dark. It was a wakeup call to the importance of backup and disaster recovery strategies. Since that catastrophic event, ITsavvy has reassessed its own capabilities. Last year it made a seven-digit investment in a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center and redundant data center to ensure business continuity for its clients […]

As seen in CIOReview’s Top 20 Networking Providers

Every day, your network is bombarded with thousands of requests to enter its access points. Some are purposeful: your own servers and user devices, or perhaps a visitor waiting in the lobby. Some are inadvertent: an employee in an adjacent facility or a stranger waiting in the parking lot. With all of the IoT devices around you, you may begin to question the security and robustness of your network and bandwidth. […]

As seen in CIOReview’s Top 20 Virtualization Providers

In 2015, Jim Arrigo was at a crossroads. The operating system that ran his entire company was nearing its end-of-life, creating potential vulnerabilities and risks to business continuity. But with 300 individual desktops to update, the process would overwhelm the company’s sole IT manager. Jim discussed the dilemma with Mike Theriault, President and CEO of ITsavvy, who immediately understood the solution: desktop virtualization. […]

As seen in Insights Success Top 20 Storage Providers

It seems so simple: you need more storage, so you expand your array. Sure, this type of quick-and-dirty, single-use solution to a problem can be the most convenient. Yet, it may signal a symptom of something beneath the surface that is far more complex. And once you start changing one data center component you may be opening a bigger can of worms […]

As heard on WGN Plus Technori Podcast

Our Executive Vice President Chris Kurpeikis was interviewed by Technori host Scott Kitun about the importance of IT expertise to start-ups. Listen to the podcast […]

As seen in CIO Review’s CEO Insights

When I learned of the collaboration between Callaway Golf Company and Boeing to design an aerodynamic golf club, I had one word: brilliant. Sure, I am a passionate golfer, and the opportunity to improve my game with a new product is always exciting. But what captivated me more was this out-of-the-box alliance between a golf club manufacturer and the world’s largest aerospace company […]

As seen in CIO Review’s Top 20 Unified Communications Providers

We’re seeing a growth in UC fueled by BYOD, wireless technologies, and the desire for remote work options. These BYOD users want anytime, anywhere access, yet the company needs to maintain vigilance over security and reliability. The CIO may feel the heat as the mediator between user and management demands. The right technologies can satisfy all stakeholders […]

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