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Bob Reisdorf
Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, ITsavvy

Ken Dang
Senior Product
Marketing Manager,
Network Security, Dell

How to Eliminate Security Gaps

Technology trends such as cloud, wireless, mobility, big data and collaboration help businesses boost growth and competitiveness. While each of these technologies has proven to provide organizations with opportunities to improve both commerce and operational efficiencies, they also bring their own set of security opportunities. Attackers work relentlessly at targeting these systems and ultimately attempt to steal and monetize this valuable information.

In 2014, global malware attacks increased by 136%. Attackers launched twice as many unique attacks. Every day your business faces the risks of infiltration by the latest threats and cyber-criminals bent on greed and nefarious deeds.

During this on-demand event our security experts discuss some of today’s security challenges and identify the building block for developing a resilient security defense system. You will learn how to better protect your systems, as well as reduce the costs and workload for IT and security teams.

Learning Objectives

View this on-demand event to:
  • get up to speed on the current threat landscape
  • discover ways to take advantage of modern-day network security tools and services for ongoing protection against new threats
  • learn why it truly counts to have a nimble threat research and response team working for you
  • and why it truly makes a big difference to have multiple layers of threat protection to bolster your security posture

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