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Dennis Gorecki
Director of Unified Communications, ITsavvy

Edward Wright
Director, Product Management at ShoreTel

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How to keep your UC options open with ShoreTel Connect

If you’re wondering how you can combine the customization and control of an onsite UC solution with the ease of a hosted solution – or a hybrid of both – then this webinar is for you. We’re talking about ShoreTel Connect, the biggest release in the history of ShoreTel.

ITsavvy is proud to partner with ShoreTel to offer ShoreTel Connect, an innovative UC platform built on a single software code that lets you design a communications system that works with you.

Webinar Sound Bites

Some of what you’ll hear:
  • “Shoretel moved its DVS servers from Windows to Linux for better stability and cost advantages.”
  • “We thought about how people really work today. If a call is a click away, if an IM is a click away, then a screen share should be a click away.”
  • “Diagnostics and monitoring are built-in to dig deep and triage call quality or connectivity issues.”
  • “Joining a web meeting shouldn’t mean downloading third-party software or remembering permission codes. ShoreTel makes it automatic.”
  • “For cloud deployment, you don’t need to be a ShoreTel expert. We do all of the heavy lifting for you.”

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Learning Objectives

View this on-demand event to hear from ShoreTel’s Director of Product Management why ShoreTel developed this brilliant UC solution that gives you:
  • Plug-in free web collaboration
  • New security layer
  • New generation of voice switches
  • Agent interaction center
  • New licensing bundles
  • Hybrid sites
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce

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