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Mike Theriault

President & CEO

An ambitious entrepreneur from an early age, Mike has spent his career pushing the boundaries of the IT industry. In 2004, he co-founded B2B Computer Products, now ITsavvy after eyeing the need for a provider of product delivery and IT solutions. Today ITsavvy is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the U.S. ITsavvy is a natural progression of Mike’s tech background and leadership experience. In 1978 he founded Dartek Computer Supply, overseeing its phenomenal success. After selling the business to Systemax, he stayed on as VP of Operations and Technology, among many accomplishments, he opened the company’s first retail store. When Mike saw an opportunity for a hybrid IT provider, he founded B2B Computer. And with a strong commitment to giving back, Mike leads ITsavvy’s support and advocacy of community activities that touch the lives of our employees, vendors and clients.


Be intuitive. Listen to the market. It’s showing you the future.

Be responsive. Figure a way to deliver what your clients want.

Be strategic. Build nimbleness into your organization so that you can seize opportunities.

Brian Rogan


As ITsavvy’s Chief Operating Officer, Brian brings his expertise of business operations, sales strategy and best practices to ITsavvy’s rapidly expanding product and service solutions. He also plays a key role in client engagements, channeling a business-smarts presence to show how technology and innovation can align with bottom-line results. Brian comes to ITsavvy from a successful history in executive management for business and IT product and service companies, most recently as Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations for Symbio where he led their global business development, solutions and marketing teams. Brian has also held executive management positions at leading technology firms including Cognizant, Pomeroy and MCI Systemhouse. What fires him up? Showing clients how to exploit the building blocks of technology – from project management to business processes to business intelligence – to achieve even the most ambitious goals. Brian works closely with charitable organizations such as United Way, Make a Wish Foundation, and Wounded Warriors.


Build a high-performance organization. Capitalize on the strength of your brand, develop a flawless service ethic, and deliver results.

Anticipate and differentiate. Take a proactive role. Lead the client engagement by introducing solutions ahead of requests.

Embrace collaboration and innovation. Technology has thrown territorialism out the door. Be a team player. Show transparency and creativity with your actions.

Chris Kurpeikis

Vice President, Sales

Chris has boomeranged his natural sales affinity and strong work ethic into a personal success story that fuels the American Dream. Chris left an award-winning sales career at Dartek Computer Supply in 2004 to co-found B2B Computer Products, now ITsavvy. As VP of Sales, he researches emerging technologies and determines product and service directions that will best serve current clients and growing markets. He knows that organizations are moving at the speed of light, under tight deadlines and enormous pressure. They need competent answers quickly. Chris has a bachelor’s degree in General Studies/Business Administration from the University of Michigan.


Deliver the goods. Superior client attention trumps a clever slogan.

Know your stuff. Hire people who have experience and can respond quickly.

Watch your rivals. Outwork and out-service your competition.

Jim Morrow

Vice President, Operations

Jim joined ITsavvy in 2008 after a stellar 14-year career at Systemax, including five years as VP of Operations. Jim brought with him a proven track record for leading a large, fast-paced organization, with success streamlining processes toward increased productivity. At ITsavvy Jim oversees all operations, from pre-sales to post-sales including client service, distribution and warehousing. Since his arrival, Jim has laid much of the groundwork that has allowed ITsavvy to continue its rapid growth trajectory.


Take cues from the client. Your processes should be geared toward delivering client satisfaction.

Observe and improve. Continually seek opportunities for efficiency.

Standardize for flexibility. Make sure processes can be tailored to client needs.

Scott W. Rose

Vice President, IT

With an IT education and an intricate knowledge of the ecommerce and intranet technology, Scott is one of the key players in ITsavvy’s success. Scott came to the company in 2006 from Dartek Computer Supply, where he was Director of Internet Services. As ITsavvy’s VP of IT, Scott oversees the design and development of the company’s website and information systems supporting headquarters and remote offices. With a complete service philosophy, Scott is active in the community as a coach for youth soccer and baseball. He has a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry University.


No guts, no glory. Accept the risk but not if it puts your client service in jeopardy.

Give willingly. Offer assistance without expecting anything in return. The reward is in the service.

Enhance and enrich. Continually look for opportunities to improve.

Steve Theriault

Vice President, Marketing

Steve is responsible for developing ITsavvy’s strategic marketing plan. The primary focus of his career has been in the rebranding, repositioning and reinvention of companies and building marketing departments. He was the mastermind behind the vision to rebrand B2B Computer Products into ITsavvy, repositioning it into an integrated IT products and solutions provider. Steve has extensive experience as a senior marketing executive, serving as president of a strategic marketing and communications firm and in two chief marketing officer positions. As a strategic and innovative thinker, Steve is passionate about creating accelerated growth opportunities for his employees and corporate partners.


We believe in thinking strategically. Strategic thinking is critical to success.

We believe in being innovative. Innovation is important in today’s over-communicated society.

We believe in working smarter. Hiring intelligent marketing experts and building dynamic teams produces superior results.


Bill Dykema

Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

Bill Dykema has been working in Information Technology for over 20 years and has seen the evolution from centralized, to de-centralized and back towards centralized IT infrastructure over those years. Working as a Systems Administrator, an IT Director and a Consultant, he’s seen IT needs from many different perspectives. For a large portion of his career he’s specialized in delivering architecture and implementation that transform IT infrastructure and prepare organizations to deliver reliable, recoverable and manageable services to their end-users. Particularly over the last 8 to10 years he’s seen the transition to a largely virtualized and now cloud-based IT world. He’s uniquely qualified in this area because of his involvement is assisting clients over many years to take advantage of transformational technologies.


Under promise and over deliver.

Barry Goldstein

Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

Barry joined ITsavvy through the 2013 acquisition of CT Networks, the company Barry founded in 1984. With a combined background in marketing and engineering, Barry understands the interconnected worlds of technology and business strategy. He grew CT Networks from a telephony service provider into a hybrid voice and data solutions innovator, which remains a unique concept in the industry. His success comes from a career spent studying how humans interact with technology. By observing user inefficiencies, he was able to offer solutions that increased productivity and improved ROI. And he is passionate about utilizing technology to help clients achieve their strategic goals. Barry graduated from State University of New York in Fredonia with degrees in marketing and acoustical engineering.


Get your operation humming. Efficiency results only when mechanical, human and monetary resources are all in sync.

Listen and observe. Then speak. Take the time to understand your client’s needs. Nurture the relationship.

Appreciate your people. Your staff is your most important asset. Show them your gratitude.

Jeff Greenberg

Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

As general manager of our New Jersey office, Jeff joined ITsavvy with the acquisition of InfrastructureWorks, the East Coast IT company he co-founded. Jeff has over two decades in the IT business and can roll up his sleeves as everything from a storage architect to an application developer if needed. Jeff’s insane level of work ethic is somewhat legendary. He looks forward to the 20 or 30 surprises that await his team every morning. This serves him well in the crisis-managed IT world, where clients look to experts like ITsavvy to help them through game-changing disasters. In fact, Jeff envisions a future where the IT business morphs into a concierge service with on-call specialists and personal advisors who can quickly grasp complex situations and propose a range of technical solutions.


Never underrate effort. Look for team members who are hard workers. They will always out-compete when it comes to the most challenging technical problems.

Minutiae matters. By paying attention to the details you will comfort clients who are overwhelmed with complexity.

Be tenacious. Your client’s livelihood may depend on your problem-solving abilities. Don’t drop the ball.

Tom Ferrone

Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

Tom has more than 20 years of consulting, business development, and IT engineering experience. He joined ITsavvy as part of the 2013 acquisition of InfrastructureWorks, the East Coast tech company he co-founded with Jeff Greenberg. As one of ITsavvy’s Advanced Solutions Group leaders, Tom is appreciated as a multi-faceted individual with strengths in business, technology, and leadership, all of which help Tom deliver clarity to senior and executive management in a personable way. Tom succeeds through a hands-on approach to challenging solutions, calling on his expertise as a certified network engineer and data center specialist. His vast knowledge makes him uniquely suited to provide solutions to clients with a variety of complex technical needs. He is thorough in his methodology and is always available to help the people around him. When Hurricane Sandy ran aground in New Jersey in 2012, Tom helped lead efforts to rescue multiple IT operations from clients’ flooded facilities, including forklifting entire data centers to an offsite location so that businesses could be resumed.


Stay ahead of change. Take time after hours to hone skills and recognize the next big thing.

Practice empathy. Don’t assume you know the answer. Solutions come out of complete understanding of needs and situations.

Be the rock. Chaos feeds on itself. Lead with a composed confidence.

Joseph A. Llano

Vice President, Advanced Solutions Group

Joseph Llano, Vice President with the Advanced Solutions Group, is responsible for successful service delivery of Advanced Solutions programs to our East Coast clients. Before joining ITsavvy, he was managing the product led and consulting professional services delivery business as Program Delivery Manager at EMC Corporation in New York/New Jersey. Prior to EMC, he was Senior Manager for Service Delivery Operations at Alliant Technologies, leading professional services, managed services and infrastructure cabling lines of business. He has earned management awards as EMC’s Top Global Professional Services Manager – Americas Theater, and has received global recognition for authorship of several whitepapers on implementing successful IT innovation, transformation, and entrepreneurship. Joe earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.


Commit to Service Excellence. Develop solution teams who share passion for innovation and success. Thoughtfully listen to clients, understand their needs and what they value most, then work toward realizing success.

We don’t tell our clients “No”, we make it happen. Implementing IT innovation is an ambitious mission for clients. Be the trusted partner who will hurdle obstacles and co-create business value.

Protect the client’s blindside. Human factors are often overlooked when executing IT programs for transformation and change, yet they are the most critical to achieving long-term benefits realization and success.

Tim Sargeant

Senior Director, Program Management Office

Tim has taken on the newly established role of Senior Director, Program Management Office overseeing all of the onsite and in-house project and process work within the Engineering Services Group. Tim’s team assures that complete client satisfaction is achieved, through standards and procedures that lead to on-time deliverables and smooth deployments. Tim has a 20-year history of project management and IT experience, most recently with Motorola, where he was responsible for global engineering processes. He has a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix.


Become an expert. Find a niche and capitalize on your strengths to fill a void.

Ask questions. Don’t assume you know what is needed or that you have all of the story. Proceed only after you have complete understanding of the task and the goal.

Enjoy your work. Everything runs smoother with an upbeat attitude.

Dennis Gorecki

Director, Unified Communications

With a background in sales support, system design and project management, Dennis brings much-valued experience to the Unified Communications team. He joined ITsavvy in 2007, coming to us with a background in sales support, system design and project management. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has coached youth soccer for over 15 years.


Dennis seeks guidance in the Cicero Principle: “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings and speak my words.”

Rob Ince

Director, Managed Print Services

When ITsavvy acquired Sapphire Systems in 2008, we gained the expertise of Rob Ince, its Director of Technology Operations. Rob is now ITsavvy’s Director of Managed Print. At Sapphire Rob was responsible for day-to-day operations of the company as well as development of its technology team. At ITsavvy Rob oversees the operations and tech team responsible for Managed Print, including savvyPrint. He has a BS degree in Criminology from Northern Illinois University.


Remain calm. When your client is in crisis mode, they need service fast. Lead them calmly through to success.

Don’t assume. Things aren’t always what they seem. Conduct your own discovery and due diligence.

Adapt your options. Your products and services should scale as your clients grow and change.

Roy Langhamer

General Manager, Advanced Solutions Group

With a career that has been split between finance and technology, Roy Langhamer brings a complex skill set to the operations of ITsavvy. He has been with the company for 10 years and was part of the team that was brought on through the acquisition of CT Networks. Before joining CT Networks, Roy led a data support company and prior to that was in the merchant banking field. Roy applies this international business background to business development at ITsavvy, building strong vendor and client relationships. He takes a discovery approach when meeting with new clients, combining forensic-type analysis with gut instincts to uncover real client needs. Roy received his MBA in International Finance from St. John’s University.


Check your emotions at the door. While it’s good to be enthusiastic, it’s more important to be thoughtful. A calm, steady presence will put people at ease.

Be curious. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just ask the right questions.

Improve your skill sets. Look to your team for support when you are out of your comfort zone. Then watch and learn.

Dan Graziosi

Director of Cisco, Advanced Solutions Group

As holder of Cisco’s highest certification level, Dan Graziosi is ITsavvy’s go-to Cisco expert. With nearly 20 years in the field, Dan often mentors engineers on ITsavvy’s methods of best practices and our client-centered culture. Clients will see Dan from the presale meeting and through installation and aftercare, but it is his detailed oversight behind the scenes that assures complete project success. He brings his attention to detail after hours as well: he is building a house in upstate New York. Dan holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from New York Institute of Technology.


Explore your options. Don’t assume you know the answers. Explore resources, like online tech forums, to learn about new technologies and solutions.

Find, and be, an inspiration. Dan credits an early tech teacher for his path into engineering. Through Dan’s mentoring, he has become an inspiration to others.

Engage with change. Rather than seeing new technologies as a threat or challenge, see them as a path to learning and growing.

Franz Dornstauder

Senior Sales Engineer, Advanced Solutions Group

With over 200 industry specific certifications, Franz Dornstauder is our most decorated tech guru. Franz has been with the company for more than 13 years, coming to ITsavvy through the acquisition of CT Networks. As an early adopter of emerging technologies, he is often called on to craft creative solutions to highly challenging situations. Franz is particularly good at translating complex technological solutions into impactful business terms: how much will be saved, what will be gained in ROI. A native of Austria, Franz achieved an MBA from the Vienna University of Business Economics.


Listen, listen, listen. Learn to read the subtle cues that your client is sending you. You will discover where they are on the acceptance curve.

Recognize learning styles. Develop different teaching techniques when training new users. Adjust your approach for visual, auditory or hands-on learners.

Don’t discount generalists. People with diverse cores of knowledge are more apt to think outside the box. They understand possibilities.


Toni Stewart

Director, Accounting & Human Resources

As one of the company’s original employees, Toni came to ITsavvy in 2004 from Dartek Computer Supply, where she was the administrative assistant to the regional sales manager. At ITsavvy Toni manages the Accounting team, overseeing A/P, A/R, sales tax reporting and Human Resources. She holds a BS degree from Kent State University, graduating Cum Laude.


Value your place. Appreciate what you have and love what you are doing.

Maintain perspective. Look at the big picture, but keep one eye on the details.

Support your team. Encourage personal growth and it will reward you as well.

Linda Nieting

Human Resources Manager

As ITsavvy’s Human Resources Manager, Linda is the go-to person for employee benefits and payroll, including health insurance and 401K. She meets all new employees on their first day, initiating them into our corporate culture. Additionally Linda splits her time between HR and Accounting, where she assists with client billing, credit card processing and client lines of credit. Linda as a BA in Elementary Education and a minor in Math.


Pitch in when needed. An entrepreneurial-spirited company needs employees who are flexible and willing to pivot when opportunities and needs arise.

Enjoy the process. A challenge shouldn’t be viewed as an end result. It can be a journey of accomplishment.

Follow the trail. Clients need to know they can count on us to mind the details.

John Skeffington

Recruiting Manager

In 2011 John brought his background in talent acquisition and executive recruiting to ITsavvy. He came to the company from Chicago Meat Authority, where he designed and implemented a full-cycle recruiting program. He also had overseen the company’s employment branding strategy. In a little over a year at ITsavvy John has developed and now oversees a similar effort and assists with mergers and acquisitions, workforce planning, and organizational development. He is also an active volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Anixter Center.


Appreciate your team. Recognize that your people are your most valuable asset.

Anticipate needs. Get a jump on talent searches so you have time to find the best people.

Start with “why.” Find inspiration and purpose in everything you do.

Kit Schmierer

Director of Sales, Eastern Region

Kit came to ITsavvy in 2004 from a successful 15-year career in technology sales. She was attracted to our dedicated work ethic and drive toward continual improvement. Prior to joining ITsavvy Kit was the top sales rep at Global Computer for 12 consecutive years and won accolades for high customer satisfaction. Her current responsibilities at ITsavvy include training and mentoring Client Executives. Her community service activities include volunteering at Camp Anchor, a New York recreation facility for people with developmental disabilities.


Excellence nurtures trust. Maintain a high level of client satisfaction to develop confidence and loyalty.

Believe in your product. When you love what you’re doing, your confidence will blossom into success.

Value each individual. Everyone brings something different to the table. You can learn from them.

Steve Thornburg

Director of Sales, Enterprise Group

With over 30 years of enterprise storage solutions expertise, Steve Thornburg is a vital link in ITsavvy’s integrated client experience. Steve joined the company in 2009 after launching and growing his own highly successful enterprise storage solutions company. Prior to that he built a stellar sales career with EMC Corporation and Cisco Systems. As Director of Sales, Enterprise Division, Steve architects virtualized environments tailored for specific client venues. He has a BA in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University.


Exceed expectations. Go out of your way to deliver more than is requested.

Keep an open mind. Clients can’t be pigeonholed. Find out what they need and offer the ideal solutions.

Listen and respond. Clients may request something that’s not ideal. Explore all options before making a recommendation.

Jason Medina

Director of Sales

Jason has been with the company since 2005, starting as a Client Executive. He now oversees a growing sales team of nearly 20. Jason has numerous vendor certifications and has been honored by the ITsavvy CEO Circle for outstanding sales achievement for the past eight years. He attributes his success to his commitment to honesty, both in his relationships with his clients and with his co-workers.


Value your time. There are only so many hours in the day. Focus on the actions that count to get the most out of your time.

Think outside the box. You know what your competitor is pitching. So take one or two steps out of bounds to present a potential client with a really innovative solution.

Sell yourself first. Your client wants to know who will stand behind a product or solution. Gain client trust, then gain their business.

Vincent Gatti

Director of Sales

Vincent Gatti, Director of Sales, brings to ITsavvy 20 years of success as a frontline client executive, with career sales of over $225 million in goods and services in the B2B technology sector. Most recently he was Sales Director at Barcodes, Inc., where he oversaw a team servicing 9,000 client accounts. Prior to that was a Senior Executive Account Manager at CDW. During his 14 years at CDW, he won the President’s Achievement Award for top sales professional 12 consecutive years and was consistently ranked within the top five account representatives of the approximate 3,000 member CDW sales force. He also has founded two B2B professional services companies. As a team leader and mentor at ITsavvy, Vincent challenges people to continually improve their processes, and to be vigilant, persistent and consistent. He believes that accountability for successes as well as failures is the basis for both personal growth and professional success.


Use technology sparingly. Digital communication can be a real time-saver, but people respond more positively to the sound of a voice. Rather than send an email, pick up the phone.

Think relationship vs. sale. Building longevity in a client relationship means developing an identity beyond the sale. Support clients in achieving not only their business strategies but their personal and professional goals as well.

Create value. Everybody defines success differently. Identify and understand what success means to your client, and then work toward that end goal. That’s how you create value.

Wendy Belpedio

Sales Support Manager

Wendy joined ITsavvy in 2012 after progressing through the ranks of a career spent working with clients. Her philosophy of client relationship development fits in perfectly with ITsavvy’s service-oriented culture. Wendy and the Sales Support team take a proactive approach, identifying issues early on that can be addressed before they become problematic. And when her team has successes, she examines them as learning tools for future best practice applications.


Toss the script. An unscripted telephone approach will help uncover the real client needs.

Listen and identify a multi-step solution. When a complete solution isn’t immediately possible, listen carefully to help identify a multi-step resolution that is agreeable to all stakeholders.

Define and refine. If a problem repeats itself, it’s a sign. Redefine the objective, and use it as a catalyst for change.